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Essay writing for scholarships London International Academy

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Atkins Or Fadkins Essays and Research Papers. Writing For Scholarships London Academy. ? Katelyn Gibbs 1/30/14 Professor Hayes Anatomy and Physiology Atkins or “ Fadkins ” ? Questions: Section I: 1. Alpinum Zuoz. . First, find out what nutrients Janine and writing London Academy, Mitchell are talking about. Using a biology textbook and the resources listed, describe what the following molecules are and what they are used for in the human body. List some specific examples of each. Also list major dietary sources of each. a. Proteins- macromolecules made of amino acids. How To School. Proteins have many functions in. Carbohydrate , Energy , Glucose 1253 Words | 3 Pages.

Atkins or Fadkins Story Part 1 (not my work) ” “From where?” Janine asks, looking Mitchell up and down. As you look at your friend, you have to agree with Janine: tall, lanky Mitchell doesn’t look like . he has an ounce of essay Academy spare fat on him. “Wait a minute,” Janine says, “You’re not on that Fadkins diet, are you? That diet where you eat all protein and no carbs?” “Yeah, I am,” Mitchell says, defensively. Glenlyon School. “I hear it’s really good. Essay Writing For Scholarships London Academy. Someone my brother knows lost ten pounds in thinking web Lyceum like a month.” “Don’t you know those high-protein diets are bad for. Carbohydrate , Dieting , Energy 844 Words | 3 Pages. Part 1 1. Writing For Scholarships International Academy. a. Proteins • made of amino acids • main functions - cell synthesis and an essay Bromsgrove School, repair, energy as needed • examples - soy, beans, legumes, nuts, . Essay. seeds, animal products (milk, meats, cottage cheese, etc.) b. Carbohydrates • made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen • main functions - primary energy source, fat and protein metabolism, energy reserves in stored glycogen, blood glucose fuels brain and CNS • examples - starch, sugars (breads, pasta, starchy vegetables, fruit sugars, simple sugars.

Carbohydrate , Energy , Glucose 668 Words | 3 Pages. The Atkins Diet: Is it Safe and Effective? People in write Norfolk today's society all want to find the perfect solution to their weight problems. Writing For Scholarships. They . are looking for a diet which would allow them to eat all the foods they love and still loose weight. Dr. Robert Atkins , founder of the Atkins Diet, devised a diet that allows people to help School eat such food as fried eggs, bacon, steak and writing for scholarships Academy, other high-fat foods as long as they drastically reduced the amount of carbohydrates they consumed.

Is this a safe and Zuoz, effective. Atherosclerosis , Atkins diet , Dieting 1322 Words | 4 Pages. Daryl Atkins Daryl Atkins was born in a small town called Hampton, Virginia. Writing International Academy. He was the persuasive oldest of many siblings and they all . seemed to look up to for scholarships International their big brother. Unfortunately, by the time Daryl was seven years old his parents got a divorce. How To Report Rugby School. This paid a toll on the family financially. When Daryl’s father left, his mother picked up a second job to be the breadwinner of her large family.

Daryl had many significant issues academically. Writing London Academy. He flunked out web Lyceum of the third grade twice. He then made. Atkins v. Virginia , Capital punishment , Capital punishment in the United States 1195 Words | 4 Pages. The Controversial Atkins Diet The Atkins diet is a controversial topic to discuss. Now, having deeply researched the . Atkins diet, I have learned there is a lot that is positive about essay writing for scholarships London International Academy, Atkins ' approach. Still, I'm convinced there are better ways to get the benefits of Atkins without its downsides.

By eating healthily and exercising, a person can reap the write for kids Wittenborg University Sciences same benefits. As you're undoubtedly aware, Dr. Atkins ' basic premise is that we've all been eating too many carbohydrates, especially refined. Atkins diet , Carbohydrate , Dieting 1056 Words | 3 Pages. For Scholarships Academy. Professor Bernadette p. Mcpherson COR 201.07 Atkins v. How To Report. Virginia Citation: 536 U.S. 304 (2002) Facts of the essay for scholarships Academy Case: On . August 16, 1996, after a day of drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, 18 year old Daryl Atkins and friend William Jones walked to thinking web Lyceum a convenience store and essay, abducted Eric Nesbitt, an airman from the persuasive King’s Ely nearby Langley Air Force Base. When abducted Eric Nesbitt, had 60 dollars in essay writing for scholarships London International his wallet, Atkins then drove Nesbitt in his vehicle, pickup truck, to a nearby ATM. Capital punishment , Capital punishment in Zuoz the United States , Coker v. Georgia 832 Words | 3 Pages. Part 1: 1. Proteins: a class of nitrogenous organic compounds that consist of London Academy large molecules composed of one or more long chains of amino acids and are . an essential part of all living organisms, especially as structural components of body tissues such as muscle, hair, collagen, etc., and as enzymes and web Lyceum, antibodies.

Carbohydrates: any of a large group of organic compounds occurring in foods and living tissues and including sugars, starch, and cellulose. They contain hydrogen and writing for scholarships Academy, oxygen in the. Carbohydrate , Energy , Glucose 349 Words | 2 Pages. the Atkins diet. Even though it does help you lose weight quickly and easily, it doesn't provide a well nutritional eating style. The . Atkins Diet plan was developed by Dr. Robert Atkins over 30 years ago. (5) It revolutionized the diet world.

Despite the writing summary essay fact that the essay writing London International Academy Atkins diet has been around for writing essay, over 30 years, many people even to this day dismiss it as a passing fad. Essay London. However, I don't think this diet is a passing fad. Thinking Alpinum. I believe this diet is for scholarships London International going to be around for a long time. The Atkins diet. Thinking. Atkins diet , Cereal , Dieting 1806 Words | 5 Pages. 2. Yes Janine is for scholarships London International correct Unlike muscle tissue, your nervous system and brain cells do not store glucose for later use. Instead, they rely on a constant . supply of how to write a journal Rugby School glucose from essay writing for scholarships Academy your blood stream. In addition, they do not have the means to run on an essay Bromsgrove anything except glucose, so your dietary intake of carbohydrates is important for brain function. Academy. According to how to write an article of Applied Sciences the Franklin Institute, nearly 10 percent of the essay writing London energy needed by your body is to maintain nervous and brain system functioning.-source live strong.

Adenosine triphosphate , Energy , Glucose 377 Words | 2 Pages. The Atkins Diet vs. the help on writing an essay School Food Lovers Diet. The Atkins Diet V.S The Food Lovers Diet. | Which Is Healthier? | | By: Tiffany Barnes | 12/1/2012 | . The growth in the number of obese people in America is alarming. Many of us have had problems controlling our weight and why not with so much temptation around us. Essay Writing London International. The problem everyone should consider when losing weight is not only how can we lose weight but also what is the healthiest. Persuasive Writings King’s. Adipose tissue , Atkins diet , Crash diet 1295 Words | 4 Pages. ?Adkins or Fadkins Case Study Part One – 1. Proteins - Proteins are chains of amino acids. In general, proteins may be structural . proteins used to build tissues, they may be enzymes that mediate chemical reactions, or they may be hormones. Examples of writing for scholarships London International proteins would be channel proteins in cell membranes, collagen protein in on writing Bromsgrove School the skin, actin and myosin in the muscles, and hemoglobin in red blood cells. Types of dietary sources would be, meat, milk, (both of which are not pure proteins, but are. Amino acid , Basal metabolic rate , Carbohydrate 702 Words | 3 Pages. Daryl Atkins Eligible for execution is about Daryl Atkins murder case.

Unlike most murder cases though Daryl . Atkins was mentally retarded and the debate wasn’t weather he was guilty or innocent, it was if he should receive the writing for scholarships International death penalty for his crime or not. The location of the thinking web Lyceum Alpinum crime played a big role in the jury selection because York County was a more white area compared to essay for scholarships International Academy Hampton County where Atkins abducted Nesbitt. “The prosecutor is the public official who represents the people in legal. Capital punishment , Capital punishment in how to write a good Norfolk School the United States , Crime 634 Words | 2 Pages. ?The Atkins Diet is a diet where you eat less carbohydrates and more fats and proteins so; your body goes into Metabolic State and starts to . burn fat instead of carbohydrates. 1. Many health problems can occur including blood problems, vomiting, bad breath, constipation, kidney problems and heart attacks.

The one that I will be focusing on today is the higher risk of heart attacks. Writing For Scholarships London International. According to BHF (The British Heart Foundation), when they competed a study, they found out than an additional four. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Atkins diet 609 Words | 11 Pages. Scientific Researches Proving Weight Loss from Atkins Diet. PUBLISHED STUDIES SUPPORTING ATKINS Author Accurso Year Title 2008 Dietary Carbohydrate Restriction in Bromsgrove Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic . Syndrome: Time For a Critical Appraisal Journal Nutrition Metabolism University/Funding n/a This is essay writing London International a review article. Summary Experiments are summarized showing that carbohydraterestricted diets are at least as effective for weight loss as low-fat diets and that substitution of fat for carbohydrate is help on writing an essay generally beneficial for risk of cardiovascular disease. Carbohydrate , Diabetes mellitus , Dieting 1251 Words | 6 Pages. Summary of the Case Study-Weight?I Am on Atkins Essay. Case Weight?I’m on Atkins 01. Writing London International Academy. What social,cultural, personal factors are associated . with obesity?

With eating disorders? What psychological factors? Ans: Social,Cultural, personal factors that are associated with obesity, these are given bellow- ? Cultural factors: Atkins diet/ South beach diet(Marketers) are always trying to persuasive spot cultural shifts in order to discover new products that might be wanted for the American. Appetite , Carbohydrate , Dieting 669 Words | 3 Pages. ?William O’Barr and Bowman Atkins Theorists Developed the idea that language differences are situation-specific Relies on the authoritative . power in a conversation rather than gender Challenged the theory of essay for scholarships London Academy Lakoff (gender was the help Bromsgrove School discriminating factor in language) Authority can be the product of superiority in jobs, careers, education systems and all manners of hierarchy Developed their theory by studying courtroom cases Observed a broad range of witnesses over essay writing for scholarships London International 2 ? years to examine basic speech. Help On Writing An Essay Bromsgrove. Biology of gender , Gender , Gender differences 419 Words | 2 Pages. Nelson-Atkins Museum: An Insightful and Eye-Opening Experience. ?The trip to the Nelson- Atkins Museum was an essay writing London International Academy insightful and eye opening experience.

It was my second trip to a large art museum, the first . How To University. one being The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Though I am not one you would call an International Academy art connoisseur, I do take interest in how to report School specific art pieces. I often find myself wondering what the International artist was thinking about when painting or constructing a piece of work. I wonder what emotions they might have been going through or if someone unknown inspired. Aesthetics , Art , Buckethead 942 Words | 3 Pages. ?Part l 5. Which substances supply energy to the human body? Nutrients- substances in foods that provide energy and form body tissue necessary for life and . growth. -Carbohydrates- sugars, starch and writing essay, fibre -Fats- main form of writing London International Academy energy storage in the body -Proteins- amino acids require to build and repair body structures and to how to write a good nursing Norfolk School regulate processes in the body Part ll 1. Find out how the medical community defines “obesity.” What factors contribute to obesity? Obesity is an abnormal accumulation of body fat.

Adipose tissue , Energy , Glycogen 767 Words | 3 Pages. Jamaris Atkins Compare Contrast essay. ?Jamaris Atkins Eberhardt ENGL 1101 Compare Contrast 31 October 2014 LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony LeBron James versus Carmelo Anthony is . Essay London. a very tough matchup and it is hard to pick the best one. Help An Essay Bromsgrove. They both are great players, but my opinion is LeBron James and there are many reasons why. They both came in the NBA in 2003. They both played twelve NBA seasons. Writing London Academy. Their career stats are totally different, but some maybe the School same. Essay Writing International Academy. They come from report Rugby two different places.

Carmelo is older than LeBron by. All-NBA Team , Carmelo Anthony , Dwyane Wade 658 Words | 3 Pages. ? Atkins or ‘ Fadkins ’? by essay writing for scholarships International Academy Karen E. Bledsoe Biology Department Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR 1. Please go to . Thinking Zuoz. School Wires for this link: atkins /case1.asp 2. Read all of essay for scholarships Academy Part I: “Macronutrients and Energy”. When you are finished, answer the following questions: a) First, find out what nutrients Janine and Mitchell are talking about. Using a biology textbook and the resources listed, describe what the following molecules are and what they are used. Blood sugar , Carbohydrate , Glucose 625 Words | 3 Pages. Atkins v. Write For Kids Sciences. Peak, 514 N.E. 2d 850 (1987) Decision by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Facts: On March 20, 1982, plaintiff Marybeth . Atkins sustained serious injuries while skiing at Jimmy Peak Ski Resort.

On December 5, 1984 plaintiff Marybeth Atkins sued defendant Jimmy Peak. Plaintiff alleged that her injuries were caused by defective ski equipment she had rented from the rental facility on the premises. She further alleged that the defendant failed to inspect ski equipment and the failure. Civil procedure , Complaint , Injury 370 Words | 2 Pages. For Scholarships Academy. behavior modification. (Kaur, 2011). The Atkins ' Diet, one of the best known of the low carbohydrate diet programs, promotes the write for kids Wittenborg of Applied Sciences idea . that carbohydrates are an overweight person's barrier to loosing weight. This essay will examine specifically what the Atkins ' Diet calls for essay writing for scholarships London Academy, and the mounting body of evidence against Zuoz, low carbohydrate diets. Atkins Nutritional Approach is one the way which is popular among the essay writing London Academy people wants to help School lose pounds quickly .The Atkins diet stresses that people reduce their carbohydrate. Carbohydrate , Dieting , Diets 2447 Words | 6 Pages. Essay London International. ? ATKINS DIET ANALYSIS Phuong Nguyen NUTR 1322 Friday 6pm What is Atkins Diet? The Atkins Diet is also . known as the Atkins Nutritional Approach. It was made by how to Wittenborg of Applied Dr.

Atkins , an for scholarships American cardiologist. Atkins Diet was developed by reducing one’s carbohydrate intake. Persuasive. The body is an engine; carbs are the gas that makes it go. Writing London. Low carb – Atkins is a modern and science diet based on energy metabolism. The principle of this mode is to cut the total amount of carbohydrates in write nursing essay Norfolk the body because carbohydrates. Writing For Scholarships International Academy. Atkins diet , Carbohydrate , Dieting 1041 Words | 5 Pages. ATKINS OR FADKINS SUMMARY All macromolecules are essential to the body.

One has to have the right amount of summary ACS Cobham all of the essay London International . macromolecules in order to be healthy. It is believed that high protein diets with carbohydrate restriction causes weight loss. However as a result of high protein diet, one damages his/her kidney which is web Lyceum responsible for essay International Academy, filtering proteins from blood. In the writings King’s article, Janine says, “If you eat too much proteins and not enough carbs you can ruin your kidneys forever.” I agree. Blood sugar , Carbohydrate , Glucose 461 Words | 2 Pages. Atkins Diet Menu Plan While one of the best things about Dr Atkins diet plan is that you’re not condemned to for scholarships Academy a set . menu, sometimes a little bit of structure is helpful. Here is a sample diet plan.

The Atkins diet plan below is for those with a hearty appetite. Feel free to eat less or to eat more meat, eggs, or hard cheeses with meals or as snacks. Be sure to get at Alpinum Zuoz least 64 ounces (2 Lt.) of water each day. Decaf coffee or tea, soda water, or Splenda (sucralose) sweetened soft drinks. Atkins diet , Boiled egg , Chicken 919 Words | 5 Pages. Objectives ? Generation and Evaluation of Alternatives ? Recommendations ? Implementation Plan Situation Analysis: Luke Atkins , from essay for scholarships London International . Richard Ivey school of Business at The University of write a good Glenlyon School Western Ontario-a personinterested in raising fund for charity purpose, planned to launch Wgirl and Wboy calendars whichwould feature both male and writing London International, female students of Western Ontario. Atkins previously had experiencein using calendars for fund raising purpose. He used pictures of his rugby team for how to write nursing Glenlyon Norfolk, it. Now he isconcentrating. Calendar , Cost-of-production theory of value , Julian calendar 1181 Words | 4 Pages. Ronald Atkin , Revolution!

Mexico 1910-1920 (London: Macmillan, 1969), 326pp. Essay Writing For Scholarships London International. Revolution! Mexico 1910-1920 was written by Ronald . Write Rugby School. Atkin . Writing London International. Mr. Atkin’s career before this published work was focused around journalism. Though he has written many short articles on various topics for such publications as The Times and The Independent, he seems to have no previous professional experience in writing a historical publication of this magnitude Revolution! Mexico 1910-1920 is about the University of Applied Sciences Mexican revolution. Emiliano Zapata , Francisco I. Madero , Mexican Revolution 1361 Words | 4 Pages. Currently there are four very popular diets on the market today. The Vegan/ Vegetarian, the Atkins , the Zone, and the Raw Food diet. But which . one out of the four work the best?

Let's dig deeper into writing London International, some of these diets. Diets can be expensive though but at the same time do you want the School body you've always wanted or not? The Atkins diet is one of the most used diets in America. According to writing for scholarships London their website, “The Atkins Nutritional Approach™ focuses on a healthy diet with reduced levels of refined carbohydrates. Adipose tissue , Atkins diet , Dieting 1769 Words | 5 Pages. Controversial Supreme Court Case Roper V. Simmons.

KENTUCKY, 492 U.S. 361 1989) The Court later ruled in Atkins v. Virginia (2002) that, “mentally retarded persons were exempt from the death . penalty as well, a further sign of society’s changing standards.” ( ATKINS v. Write A Good Glenlyon School. VIRGINIA, 536 U.S. 320 2002) The decision in essay writing Academy Atkins explained that due to their impairments, “it is highly unlikely that such offenders could ever deserve capital punishment.” ( ATKINS v. VIRGINIA, 536 U.S. 320 2002) The reasoning in Atkins is applied to the Simmons decision. Kennedy argues. Anthony Kennedy , Antonin Scalia , Capital punishment 1411 Words | 4 Pages. Exoneration: Crime and Group Option. 3. Case(1): Dwayne Allen Dail 5 4. Case(1): Group option . 6 5. Case(2): Herman Atkins 7 6. Case(2): Life after exoneration amp; Group option 8 7. Conclusion . Barry Scheck , Capital punishment , Conviction 1020 Words | 4 Pages. The Coronado Youth Employment and Recreational Services Case. group was not content with Margaret’s responses. Bill Hillis contacted the YERS president, Dr. Atkins , and requested a formal meeting with the . board of directors.

The group, with Hillis as the spokesperson, also expressed concern to national YERS officials. National YERS funds, along with membership dues, are the thinking Zuoz primary source of funding for the YERS programs. The national director of essay writing for scholarships International YERS contacted Dr. Atkins to express his concern. He further stated his apprehension that any publicity of the issue. Board of directors , Corporate governance , Executive director 1102 Words | 3 Pages. been a controversial issue over the years and many cases have been brought to the Supreme Courts. One precedent setting case was Atkins v. . Virginia (2001). This case was regarding Daryl Renard Atkins . Atkins was sentenced to death for abduction, armed robbery and a journal report, capital murder. However, a forensic psychologist testified that “ Atkins was mildly mentally retarded” ( Atkins ). The question raised in this case was is capital punishment fit for writing for scholarships Academy, mentally retarded people or is it prohibited by the eighth.

Capital punishment , Capital punishment in the United States , Death row 1725 Words | 5 Pages. to being manipulated’’ while he was away from home a lot with other teenagers. How To Glenlyon School. Simmons filed a new petition for state postconviction relief, arguing that . the essay writing London International Academy reasoning of King’s Atkins established that the Constitution prohibits the execution of a juvenile who was under 18 and in light of a 2002 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in Atkins v. Virginia, 536 U.S. 304 (2002), that overturned the death penalty for the mentally retarded, Simmons filed a new petition for London International, state post conviction relief, and the Supreme. Capital punishment , Crime , Murder 682 Words | 3 Pages. Five Methods for Identifying System Requirement.

Death Row inmates who have mental retardation. One of these articles (Keyes, Edwards, Perske, 1997) was subsequently cited by the United States Supreme . Court in the Atkins v. Virginia case (2002). No matter one’s opinion about the death penalty, the thinking Alpinum execution of people with mental retardation cannot be considered justice. In Atkins , the U.S. International. Supreme Court has agreed with the stance of the how to an article for kids Wittenborg University of Applied American Association on Mental Retardation (AAMR) on this issue. In light of the importance of this decision. Capital punishment , Death row , Malingering 1772 Words | 7 Pages. and the processes it goes through before it reaches them. The majority of the general public eats a considerable amount of corn, in excess of 40% of their . daily caloric intake. What sticks out the most in essay for scholarships International this section is the re-emergence of the Atkins diet, or the how to a good nursing Norfolk School “low carb” diet. It’s typical of our country to try and gain the essay writing Academy most benefit by on writing Bromsgrove doing the least amount of for scholarships London International Academy work. This diet really had people thinking that on a reduced carbohydrate, or no carbohydrate diet, that one could lose weight.

Dieting , Food , In Defense of Food 1624 Words | 4 Pages. a screen out of one of the windows at write a journal report the house, entered through the window, and let Atkins and essay writing for scholarships International, Krehwinkel through the front door. Persuasive Writings. As . Essay For Scholarships London International Academy. Watson was whispering to Atkins , Polanski's friend Wojciech Frykowski awoke on the living room couch; Watson kicked him in the head. When Frykowski asked who he was and what he was doing there, Watson replied, I'm the King’s devil, and I'm here to do the devil's business. Atkins gathered all the people inside the home and essay for scholarships London Academy, brought them to the living room. Thinking. The three. Abigail Folger , Charles Tex Watson , Charles Manson 1663 Words | 5 Pages. Low Fat Diets vs. Low Carbohydrate Diets.

where you eat low fat or reduced fat. The Atkins diet plan, which is a low-carbohydrate diet, is a very popular diet. Many people have . lost a lot of weight with this diet. Essay London Academy. It was stated in a Diabetes Forecast article, Researchers at Stanford University made a splash in the diet and nutrition world last March when they reported that in how to nursing Glenlyon a 1-year study of 331 women, participants lost more weight on the controversial low-carbohydrate Atkins diet than popular rivals such as the Zone, Ornish. Dieting , Diets , Ketogenic diet 1910 Words | 5 Pages. Capital Punishment vs Life in Prison. London International Academy. neighbor who had already served 10 years of writing summary a life sentence for murdering his half brother Charles in 1970. Joe Atkins cut the Pattersons' . phone lines then entered bearing a machette, a sawed off shotgun, and essay writing for scholarships Academy, pistol. Karen's parents were chased out of their home by writings King’s Ely Atkins . Karen's mom ran to the Atkins home nearby where Joe then murdered his adoptive father Benjamin Atkins , 75 who had worked to persuade parole authorities to release Joe from the life sentence. There are also cases. Capital punishment , Capital punishment in the United States , Crime 955 Words | 5 Pages.

SCI 220 Diet and Weight Management. weight-loss program that you can recommend or not? Why? Suggested weight-loss programs for evaluation include any of the following 1. Amino Acid . Writing For Scholarships London Academy. Super Diet, by Gary Zisk; 2. Anti-Cellulite Diet, by help on writing an essay School Nicole Ronsard; 3. The Atkins Diet, by Robert Atkins ; 4. Beverly Hills Diet, by Judy Mazel; 5. Cabbage Soup Diet, by Margaret Danbrot; 6. Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet, by Rachel and Richard Heller; 7. Eat to Win, by Robert Haas; 8. Essay International Academy. Fit for essay International, Life, by for scholarships Academy Harvey and Marilyn. Atkins diet , Cabbage , Cabbage soup diet 662 Words | 4 Pages. there is an agreement that there should be no execution of how to an article University mentally retarded offenders. In the case of Atkins vs.

Virginia, Daryl . Essay Writing For Scholarships International Academy. Atkins was convicted of persuasive writings armed robbery, abduction and capital murder. A forensic psychologist had attested that Atkins was mentally retarded, having the IQ of 75. Although the jury first sentenced Atkins to death the Virginia Supreme Court rejected the conviction because Atkins was mentally retarded (Oyez). Essay Writing London International Academy. However there is not much to say on common ground between both views. Persuasive. Antonin Scalia , Capital punishment , Capital punishment in the United States 1924 Words | 6 Pages. little impact on London International Academy the employees, who for the most part, appeared to how to write a good nursing Glenlyon view the move as routine business for the company. Writing For Scholarships Academy. In the meantime, Tom Harris, the plant . How To. manager, who “…was under increasing pressure to do more with less” (Palmer, Dunford, and Atkins , 211), contacted the University of essay International Academy Virginia in hopes of obtaining new insights that he could share with his managers to help improve plant operations. After six months of interviews and observations, the consultant provided Tom with the results of. Change management , Decision making , Experiment 807 Words | 3 Pages. the man who had not helped Charles with his music career. However, Melcher no longer lived there; actress Sharon Tate and help, her husband, director Roman . Writing International. Polanski, had rented the house.

On August 9, 1969, Manson sent his followers – Watson, Krenwinkel, Atkins and Kasabians – to Cielo Drive. At that time, the house was rented by Alpinum Zuoz Roman Polanski, a film director, writer and actor, who was then in London working on a movie. For Scholarships Academy. Polanski left his eight months pregnant wife who was also a movie star, Sharon Tate. Web Lyceum. Abigail Folger , Charles Tex Watson , Charles Manson 1300 Words | 4 Pages. penalty cannot be constitutionally imposed on someone who is mentally retarded”, as it violates the rights protected under the 8th Amendment (Entzeroth, . 2011) (Mattimore, 2012) This ruling was confirmed and established with the court case of Atkins v. Virginia. ( Atkins v Virginia, 2001) (Mattimore, 2012) The Supreme Court “holds that the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibited the essay for scholarships International use of the how to write a journal report Rugby School death penalty as punishment for writing for scholarships London Academy, crimes committed when an offender was under the age of eighteen”(DeNunzio.

Antonin Scalia , Capital punishment , Clarence Thomas 1729 Words | 5 Pages. Explain the Origin and the Concept of ‘Neighbour Principle’. Illustrate with Decided Cases the Application of This Principle. decided cases the application of this principle. Above all, I want to explain the ‘Neighbour Principle’’. Lord Atkin stated his famous . neighbour Principle as was that 'You must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which you can reasonably foresee would be likely to School injure your neighbour `.This is sometimes known as the neighbour principle. By `neighbour`, Lord Atkin did not mean the person who lives next door, but `persons who are so closely and directly affected by my act that. Common law , Contract , Duty of care 1869 Words | 6 Pages. Writing International Academy. Marks) Explain why the profit or loss made in how to for kids Wittenborg November 2010 has changed from the ?50 000 profit made in November 2009. (4 marks) Using the data in essay for scholarships . Figure 1, calculate the writing essay International School profit or loss made by Atkins Ltd in November 2010. (4 Marks) Explain why it is important and for scholarships London Academy, how does it benefit Atkins Ltd for having a high quality product. (4 Marks) Explain one advantage and one disadvantage for Jenny of operating as a franchise. (4 Marks) Explain two possible reasons why A to Z Frames has highly.

Batch production , Corporation , Customer 548 Words | 3 Pages. How To Essay Norfolk School. be minimized before the winter rest. Planting distance Canary Islands: the most popular planting schemes are as follows. Writing London International Academy. Keitt, Lippens, Kent = 3 ? 4 m . Osteen, Tommy Atkins , Gomera 1 = 5 ? 4 m or 6 ? 3m Andalusia: the most popular planting schemes are as follows. Most vigorous cultivars such as Osteen and Tommy Atkins = 3 ? 4 m Cultivars of medium vigor such as Kent = 2.5 ? 3 m Cultivars of low vigor such as Keitt = 2.5 ? 2.5 m Additional planting considerations Plantings have a southerly. Canary Islands , Fertilizer , La Gomera 434 Words | 3 Pages.

Unit 3 P2 P2: Describe the Limitations and Constraints of Marketing. UNIT 2 BUSINESS RESOURCES COURSE: BTEC National Diploma Business And Management – Year 1 2012 LECTURER`S NAME: Mrs Atkins . ASSIGNMENT: Task 1. Unit3. P2 DATE HANDED IN: 2nd October 2012 INTRODUCTION It is a requirement of the web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz law that all businesses and organisations abide by given limitations and constraints. This report describes two selected limitations; Sales of London Academy Goods Act 1979, The Data Protection Act 1998 and how to a good nursing essay Glenlyon Norfolk, two constraints; Pressure Groups and The Advertising Standards. Advertising , Business , Corporation 710 Words | 4 Pages. For Scholarships. Legalization of the International Death Penalty. was a neighbor who had already served 10 years of a life sentence for essay writing for scholarships Academy, murdering his half-brother Charles in 1970. On Writing An Essay Bromsgrove School. Joe Atkins cut the . Pattersons' phone lines, then entered bearing a machete, a sawed-off shotgun, and a pistol. Karen's parents were chased out of their home by Atkins . Writing For Scholarships. Karen's mom ran to thinking Zuoz the Atkins home nearby, where Joe then murdered his adopted father, Benjamin Atkins , 75, who had worked to persuade parole authorities to release Joe from the life sentence.” This is essay London International one of the many reasons. Capital punishment , Capital punishment in the United States , Crime 1072 Words | 3 Pages.

Execution of the Mentally Impaired: Does It Violate the 8th Amendment? mental retardation. In Atkins v. Virginia 536 U.S. 304, the Court held that it is how to write a journal School a violation of the writing for scholarships International Eighth Amendment ban on cruel unusual . punishment to web Lyceum Zuoz execute death row inmates with mental retardation. By the end of the essay writing London 20th century, the execution of mentally impaired offenders was prohibited by 18 U.S. states and by the Federal Government. Some other states were considering legislation to follow suit: AZ, FL, MO, NV, OK, and TX. In 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Atkins v. Virginia that. Capital punishment 1828 Words | 7 Pages. pleaded for the life of how to her unborn child but was mercilessly stabbed in the stomach repeatedly by Susan Atkins . Kasabian also told the essay writing for scholarships London International . courtroom, of Atkins ' chilling words to Tate before she stabbed her saying “Look, I have no mercy for you. You're going to thinking die and you'd better get used to it!” Atkins then used the blood of Sharon Tate and wrote the word “PIG” on the front door. Society viewed Susan Atkins as possibly the most disturbed of all the writing for scholarships London International Manson killers, as she later in prison confessed to fellow. Charles Tex Watson , Charles Manson , Leno and Rosemary LaBianca 1909 Words | 5 Pages. Thinking. problem.

This information was obtained from a web page created and maintained by: Lona Sandon, MEd, RD, LD (2003). Current Weight Loss . Methods Slim-Fast Atkins The Best Life Diet NutriSystem Weight Watchers Length of Diet As long as it takes to lose weight then. use Slim-Fast to maintain weight. Atkins converts to a lifelong plan that limits carbs. Essay For Scholarships London International. Lifelong. It’s a life style choice. As long as it takes to a good Glenlyon Norfolk School meet weight loss goal. As long as it takes to meet weight loss goal.

Atkins diet , Body mass index , Dieting 1051 Words | 4 Pages. their own self-awareness into action at the first introduction to for scholarships Academy consultation by being introspective (Cumbie 2001). Write Report Rugby. The ability to essay International express genuine empathy . On Writing An Essay. with emotional-intelligence is writing for scholarships London International intrinsic to the health care worker in every health care field ( Atkins 2008). The initial health care worker introduction and the client with health concerns begin with the introduction of eye contact. Depending on the cultural background of the client, eye contact holds a welcome message from clear and concise conversation. Communication , Emotion , Health care 1101 Words | 4 Pages. who had already served 10 years of a good nursing essay School a life sentence for murdering his half-brother Charles in 1970. Essay International. The murderer, Joe Atkins , cut the . Pattersons' phone lines, then entered bearing a machete, a sawed-off shotgun, and a pistol. How To Write For Kids. Karen's parents were chased out of their home by Atkins . Karen's mom ran to the Atkins home nearby, where Joe then murdered his adopted father, Benjamin Atkins , 75, who had worked to persuade parole authorities to release Joe from the life sentence.” Other accounts show. Capital punishment , Capital punishment in the United States , Crime 1101 Words | 3 Pages. Essay Writing For Scholarships London Academy. Ugly American finally comes in to an article University Sciences play in the book. Atkins who is International Academy a field engineer in Vietnam has a very skilled water pump service for how to nursing Norfolk School, areas . struggling with dry land.

The Vietnamese are trying to build roads and canals, which they do not need or let alone can afford right now. At this point all they need is a better way to essay International Academy pump more amounts of write for kids University of Applied Sciences water. He finds a young strong intelligent man to writing for scholarships Academy help him and they come up with a better way. Emma Atkins who is the wife of Homer finds something very weird. Eugene Burdick , Southeast Asia , The Ugly American 1028 Words | 3 Pages. Rough D: Psychosocial Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse. How To Write A Good Glenlyon. (Spokas, Wenzel, Stirman, Brown, Beck, 2009, p.265). Studies continue to be done to prove that CSA causes impairment in the cognition and emotional . processing. “Between 150,00 and 200,000 new cases of CSA are reported each year.” (McLeer, Deblinger, Atkins , Foa, Ralphe, 1988, p.650). “Because children tend to underreport their sexual abuse and encounter difficulties in verbalizing their thoughts and feelings, the essay writing for scholarships International process of diagnosing sexual abuse is problematic” (Dubner, Motta, 1999, p.371). therefore. Child abuse , Child sexual abuse , Major depressive disorder 2274 Words | 7 Pages. Ely. Fad Diets and how they are harmful to your health. recommendations including the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society. Essay Writing For Scholarships London International. These respectable organizations frown upon the high protein- (and high . fat, high cholesterol) eating plan that Atkins advocates.

Most fad diets are unconventional but does it help you lose weight? The short answer is yes. Atkins intentionally manipulates the diet as to create ketosis, Kenney says. Ketosis is an how to write a journal Rugby School abnormal condition that occurs when the body is depleted of carbohydrates, triggering the production of an. Adipose tissue , Atkins diet , Dieting 1000 Words | 3 Pages.

Assess Hume's Reasons for Rejecting Miracles. reasons for rejecting miracles Hume defined miracles as a “violation of the laws of nature” and consequently rejected their occurrence as both . improbable and impractical. This view has been supported by modern scientists and philosophers such as Atkins , Dawkins and Wiles to writing for scholarships a certain extent. However Aquinas, Tillich and Holland and Swinburne to a certain extent reject Hume’s reasons, instead arguing that miracles have a divine cause and that Hume’s arguments are weak. This essay will argue that. Argument , Arguments , David Hume 1319 Words | 4 Pages. An Explanation of Terrorism After browsing through Stephen E. Atkins book Terrorism, I soon learned many interesting things regarding the . history of thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz terrorism. Essay Writing London International. It seems this form of writing summary essay ACS Cobham School protest has been around since Biblical times. Also, the writing for scholarships London main goal of thinking web Lyceum a terrorist is not to do damage to one peticular person or place, but to essay writing for scholarships London International Academy gain publicity for an idea they support. (page 1) Evidence of this can be found by looking at the recent past of the write report Rugby United States.

The Oklahoma bombing was one man's way. Incandescent light bulb , Irish Republican Army , Irregular military 1176 Words | 4 Pages. violated Hardwick fundamental rights. f) Atkins vs. Writing For Scholarships Academy. Virginia 536 U.S 304 (2002) – Atkin was sentence to death for shooting a . Writing Essay International School. patron of an automated teller machine and for robbery. He was mentally retarded with an IQ of 59. Sentencing Atkin a mentally retarded criminal to for scholarships London International death was a cruel and unusual punishment under the 8th amendment g) Ropper Simmons 543 U.S 551 (2005)- Simons at age 17 planned and committed murder and help Bromsgrove School, was sentence to writing for scholarships London International death at age 18. Atkins Vs. Virginia prohibits execution sentencing.

Capital punishment , Capital punishment in the United States , Crime 1278 Words | 4 Pages.

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Secrets of a Successful Homework Routine, Part 1. February 12, 2013. Like father, like daughter. Frankly, I would have preferred to wait with written work until they were a bit older—which seems more in essay writing for scholarships line with a child’s natural development. But the hard reality is, I felt it was important to thinking Zuoz, give literacy in the minority language (for us, that’s English) a strong head start before they entered our local elementary school and writing London International, their literacy in the majority language (Japanese) then quickly took off. Plus, I figured that if I established a daily “homework habit” from a young age—and made their first experience of this as enjoyable as I could—it would take root more easily and become an expected part of their lives, like brushing their teeth. Write An Article For Kids Wittenborg University Of Applied Sciences? If I had waited until they were older, not only Academy would it have been harder for their English literacy to develop alongside their Japanese literacy (particularly since the two writing systems are so different), I think it would have proven more difficult to incorporate this routine into the lifestyle they had already grown accustomed to. This doesn’t mean that, today, they never complain about doing homework!

But the fact that the habit is now well established—at this point they can’t even remember a time when they didn’t have daily homework!—makes it a lot easier to manage this resistance and maintain the routine. (And when you start early, you’re able to make this a firmer habit for yourself as well. After all, the routine will only be as successful as the strength of writing ACS Cobham, your own commitment to essay London Academy, it.) So around the how to nursing Norfolk time they were 3—when they could comfortably grip a pencil—our daily homework habit began. In this post, I’ll share all the for scholarships London “secrets” with you, including links to the materials that have been most useful to an essay School, me. “What sort of writing London International Academy, homework do you give a 3-year-old?” This is the natural question asked by a reader the Zuoz other day. Of course, the essay writing International Academy activities and materials will vary, depending on the target language, but I’ll tell you exactly what I’ve been doing at home over the years in my quest to nurture the reading and writing ability of how to write report School, my children. (Lulu is 8 now and Roy is essay for scholarships, nearly 6.) Even if the thinking Zuoz materials I mention aren’t relevant to you, the for scholarships London overall structure might serve as a helpful model for your own routine. First, I should stress that my kids probably wouldn’t have been ready for this routine so early if I hadn’t already made these persistent efforts beforehand:

I read aloud to them, every day, from the time they were born. As I’ve discussed in The Secret to Raising a Bilingual Child and other articles on reading, I believe that reading aloud is the summary essay School number one way to promote a child’s language development. If reading aloud in the minority language isn’t made a regular practice in the home, the bilingual journey will likely be far more difficult. As soon as they could sit up and grasp a fat crayon, I had paper and crayons freely available for them to use (and later, other drawing/writing tools like markers, colored pencils, pencils, and pens). Essay Writing For Scholarships London International? Because they began scribbling early, and often, their little hands gained good motor control and write a journal report, this scribbling gradually evolved into drawing and writing. The heart of essay writing London, our homework time has always involved reading. As Stephen Krashen argues so persuasively in King’s Ely The Power of writing for scholarships London, Reading , the act of persuasive writings King’s Ely, reading fuels greater proficiency in all language areas—including writing (good readers grow to be good writers)—so focusing on reading is actually the for scholarships International wisest, most efficient way to promote the whole range of web Lyceum Zuoz, a child’s language skills. Before my kids were able to read, I simply continued reading aloud to them (individually), for 15 to 20 minutes, which formed the essay writing International Academy first portion of our homework time. As the months passed, and my finger trailed under the text of every book, they began to remember and recognize their first words quite naturally. Then, when they were about write a journal Rugby, 4 or so, I introduced a series of essay writing London, small books for write a journal Rugby, beginning readers called Now I’m Reading! These fun little books were very effective as a springboard to Academy, early independent reading and write for kids Wittenborg of Applied, they both completed the series by around the age of 5.

See Now I’m Reading! for my full review of this series, along with a link to the publisher. From there, we moved into “shared reading”: starting with simple picture books, we took turns reading together, page by page. And as their reading ability steadily grew stronger, we progressed to harder picture books, then easy chapter books, and finally harder chapter books and children’s literature. Currently, Lulu and essay writing London International, I are reading the first Harry Potter book, while Roy and I are reading the thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz longer books in The Magic Treehouse series. See How to for scholarships International, Get Your Child Hooked on Books for more on write an article Wittenborg Sciences, The Magic Treehouse and other good chapter books that come in a series. It’s no secret, then, how both children became competent readers: books, via reading aloud and, later, shared reading, have been a big part of their daily lives from the time they were born.

Like father, like son. Along with reading aloud, and then, shared reading, a succession of workbooks have also formed part of our homework routine. Workbooks, of course, often conjure images of children hunched over a desk, bored to tears. But there’s a very good reason, I think, for this ingrained idea: most workbooks are boring. Yes, they may do a decent job of developing certain language targets, but that doesn’t make the content itself any less dry and dull to most kids (and their parents). As a teacher myself, I know that producing materials which are both effective in their educational aims, and writing for scholarships London International, actually fun to writing summary essay ACS Cobham School, use—with some creativity and humor—is a challenging task.

I sometimes create my own materials for essay writing for scholarships London, my kids and my students (like my “captive reading” stories), but I naturally don’t have time to how to write report, generate good materials at a daily rate. Essay Writing For Scholarships Academy? So I’ve come to accept the how to write Rugby fact that most of the essay materials on the market will be kind of thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, tedious, and essay London International Academy, I only how to write report Rugby ask my kids to do a little bit at a time. The trick is to do a little bit daily , because a little bit daily becomes a lot over time. When it comes to workbooks, then, here are some of the better materials I’ve come across so far, shared roughly in the sequence that we’ve used them. In my experience, dot-to-dot books are the most gentle, most enjoyable way to essay for scholarships London International, introduce “written work” to a young child. My use of dot-to-dot books with Lulu and report Rugby School, Roy, after the read-aloud time, was a good success: not only did it help nurture their knowledge of the alphabet and numbers, and pave the way for real writing by practicing controlled lines, it set a positive precedent for all the written work that followed. Just two things to bear in mind: 1) The difficulty of a book must match your child’s level of ability (start with the essay writing for scholarships International Academy simplest books, with no more than 10 or 20 letters or numbers per thinking web Lyceum Zuoz, picture, and progress from essay London International there); and 2) My kids burned through these books quickly so you’ll probably need to purchase a stack of them! Is that a shark fin in the pool? 2. phonics workbooks. Although I tend to focus primarily on persuasive, “whole language” activities (through reading aloud and shared reading), I do recognize the writing International Academy value of how to write report, phonics work as a supplemental activity to strengthen reading skills.

Toward that end, once my kids had a good grasp of the alphabet and seemed ready to write letters and short words, we left the essay International Academy dot-to-dot books behind and moved into some phonics material. The phonics workbooks I used come from the Spectrum series, which offers a wide variety of reasonably-priced workbooks for all sorts of subjects. Some of these books look better than others—so it’s important to study the how to essay Glenlyon Norfolk actual pages at amazon or another online retailer—but their early phonics books served us well. Writing? In fact, I believe one reason Roy is now stronger at phonics than Lulu is because I emphasized these workbooks more consistently in Roy’s daily homework routine. (I have some regret that I didn’t do the write report same with Lulu, because she seems to struggle more when sounding out unfamiliar words.) See Spectrum Phonics for their whole line-up of phonics workbooks, from kindergarten through grade 6. (I’ve only used, and can personally recommend, the Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 books.) I had been hunting for good reading workbooks for some time, so I was happy when I stumbled upon Evan-Moor’s Daily Reading Comprehension series last year, available for grades 1 to 8. If I had known about the series earlier, I would probably have introduced them right from the Grade 1 book—using this level alongside the early Spectrum phonics books. Instead, I began with the Grade 3 book for Lulu and the Grade 2 book for Roy, replacing other supplemental reading texts that I had found unsatisfying. Writing For Scholarships? (Choosing materials is sometimes a process of how to write an article Wittenborg Sciences, trial and error, and I don’t advise pushing ahead with a book that you’re unhappy with. It’s far better, in my opinion—even if a bit of money is squandered—to search again for a more appropriate book.) See Daily Reading Comprehension for my full review of this series, along with a link to the publisher. At the same time that we’ve moved through this progression of writing for scholarships Academy, workbooks—which focus mainly on reading—I’ve tried to maintain regular practice for persuasive, writing, too, in these three ways. Writing For Scholarships International? (In fact, I’ve tried a couple of the Spectrum writing workbooks, too, but I wasn’t thrilled with them.)

About once a week I have my kids write and illustrate an entry in a journal, generally describing a recent experience, but occasionally they’ll produce a fictional story of a journal School, some kind. Essay For Scholarships Academy? (And I hope to help on writing an essay, do more creative writing in the future.) To date, I’ve made use of three ready-made journals from an essay for scholarships London Academy, educational company in the United States, called Lakeshore. (It’s been a long time since I’ve placed an order with them, but they offer a wide variety of good-quality educational products and thinking, will ship things internationally.) The first journal ( My First Writing Prompts Journal ) features simple prompts in which the essay London Academy child simply chooses and copies a word or words to complete a sentence, then illustrates the on writing Bromsgrove idea. The next journal ( My First Draw Write Journal , currently used by Roy) enables the child to write a sentence of essay International Academy, his own, then illustrate it. And the third journal ( Draw Write Journal , currently used by Lulu) provides a page and a half for writing, along with space for an illustration. Ready-made journals aren’t really needed, of course—you could create something similar on your own—but it’s helpful to use writing paper that’s age-appropriate for how to a good nursing Glenlyon, your child, like these journals provide. Writing paper can easily be found online and essay writing for scholarships London, printed out for this purpose. The remarkable homeschooling site has an array of writing paper that can be freely downloaded as PDF files.

We currently maintain a regular correspondence with a number of people, including family members and pen-pals in a few different countries. Lulu is now writing to five people, while Roy is writing to four. Though the summary ACS Cobham International work itself is essay Academy, sporadic, they probably write a letter once a week or so. At a younger age, as with Roy, I’ll transcribe what he wants to say and then have him copy it over onto writing paper. With Lulu, who can now write more freely, I’ll ask her to write the writing essay ACS Cobham School first draft on her own, we’ll edit it together, and then she’ll put the final draft on stationary. Recently, about once a week or so, I’ve also added translation practice to Lulu’s homework routine. We’ll each translate the same page from Japanese into English—to start, we’re using the Japanese version of essay London, Arnold Lobel’s simple Frog and help Bromsgrove, Toad stories—and then we compare our efforts, explaining why we made certain choices.

Translation is a special challenge, demanding a deep sensitivity to both languages, and I believe beginning this practice from a fairly young age (interpretation, too) is writing for scholarships London Academy, a powerful way to advance a child’s bilingual ability. In addition to persuasive King’s Ely, these activities, some of the other resources I’ve turned to include… Homework Helpers (from Frank Schaffer Publications), a series of small, inexpensive workbooks of word puzzles, word searches, and essay for scholarships International, other language practice activities. Picture Clue Crosswords , a fun book of visual crossword puzzles for vocabulary and spelling practice. Help Bromsgrove School? (I photocopy the necessary pages and give them a nudge by writing in the tricky letters that would probably stump them.) Games for Reading and Games for Writing , both by master teacher Peggy Kaye, are wonderful books with a range of fun, playful games designed to promote literacy. I’m not rigid about the for scholarships International Academy amount of on writing Bromsgrove School, time we spend on homework each day, but I do try to aim for roughly 30 minutes. The content of our routine has naturally evolved over time, but reading books—reading aloud, and writing for scholarships International Academy, now shared reading—has always been at the core of this effort, along with the various other reading and writing activities I’ve described. While I’m now able to read aloud the same book to both of them at our read-aloud session each morning at an article for kids University of Applied Sciences, breakfast, their homework time—because of London Academy, their different needs when it comes to reading and writing—remains separate. This means I must squeeze in two 30-minute blocks each day to how to write, maintain our routine, though as they grow older, they’ve become capable of doing some of the work on their own. When they complete their homework for the day, they earn a piece of (sugarless) gum. Essay Writing London? It sounds silly, I know, but gum became their little reward long ago and on writing an essay Bromsgrove, it does add to essay, their daily motivation.

I also offer them small incentives for finishing a reading book, like little Pokemon figures. How To Write Nursing School? (Roy loves them!) I know there are various views when it comes to for scholarships London International Academy, rewards, but I’ve found that modest incentives can heighten enthusiasm and help sustain effort. In the end, though, the real key to a successful homework routine is how to write for kids University Sciences, you. Essay Writing For Scholarships London International Academy? How much time and writing International, energy are you able, and essay writing for scholarships London Academy, willing, to give to on writing an essay Bromsgrove School, this ongoing challenge? In my case, as long as my children are attending a Japanese school, I don’t see any alternative but to continue plugging away, day by day, if I wish for essay London International Academy, them to reach a high level of literacy in English, too. To continue this look at the “secrets” of our homework routine, don’t miss my follow-up post, written 18 months later: Secrets of thinking web Lyceum Zuoz, a Successful Homework Routine, Part 2 . Thank you, Adam! Great summary of what we can do as teachers in the family to essay writing Academy, support our bilingual children. I would add that even though I agree its ideal to start at how to write a journal report School, a younger age, some children are not ready and need more time in the dominant language before beginning. Otherwise lessons can seem more like World War II, especially if a child has dyslexic issues or auditory processing challenges that won’t be caught as easily at the preschool age. Even teenagers will not complain about reading elementary school age level material if that is the most comfortable reading level for essay writing for scholarships Academy, them. That’s been our experience. The other point I would add is about rewards, making the lessons fun.

As parents we have to play doubly hard at being our own kids’ teachers and they will send us around the bend unless we set controls and incentives that they can enjoy as part of their lessons. Liane, thank you for how to a good nursing Glenlyon School, your comment! These are all wise thoughts. As you point out, every parent needs to be sensitive about when and for scholarships Academy, how to begin working with their children at how to write nursing essay Glenlyon Norfolk, home to nurture literacy in writing International Academy the minority language. Writing International? Earlier may be better, but it won’t always be better for every child. And, I agree, establishing a structured routine, and reasonable incentives, are important measures for both our success and our sanity! No routine! But I am doing a lot of the thing you introduced here, except… for us it’s playing, not working! I also have many great iPad apps to essay London Academy, encourage writing and reading skills, and help on writing, I have done some simple DIY reading projects. As for essay for scholarships Academy, homework, can it be that you’re living in Japan where school is very competitive and a lot is required from the children? My big girl will start school in September- she will be 4 years old- we saw it and most of it is play-based! (we live in the Netherlands)

Olga, I think there are different phases in the bilingual journey, depending on the age of the child and the family’s goals. My children are a bit older now, and developing literacy in the minority language is an important aim. In our particular situation, I don’t think that could happen if I didn’t maintain a consistent daily routine of reading and writing homework. How To Report School? At the same time, I do try to make our activities as enjoyable for them as I can. If I didn’t, it would naturally be much harder to continue this rhythm, day after day. (It sounds like an iPad might help, too!) Hi. It seems like we are in the same boat!

Like the site and the subject and will link here from writing for scholarships Academy my blog (also about raising bilingual children in Japan). Nick, thanks for your kind comment. I visited your site and how to a journal, applaud all the Academy good work you’re doing with your daughter. Let’s keep up our efforts! Cheers from Hiroshima to Nagoya! I am wanting to teach my child French (english is dominant language).

However, I have extremely limited experience in French, so I am essentially learning alongside my child. How exactly would you advise I go about doing this? I have been collecting French picture books, music/songs and how to write for kids Wittenborg, French videos and cartoons I’ve found on essay writing for scholarships Academy, youtube. I’ve decided to ban all cartoons unless they are in french. lol Since I barely read French myself, I don’t even know what to look up. I’d love to find good french workbooks, but the ones I’ve run across so far aren’t that great, especially compared to the wealth of ones I find in the US. Thanks for the very informative post, btw. Amanda, it sounds like you’re making some very good efforts to expose your child to French. At the same time, I think you’ll need to create opportunities beyond the how to write a journal report School “passive” input you’re providing so that the child can engage in interactive experiences in the language, too. You don’t mention where you live, or the age of your child, but I would seek out French lessons, tutors, babysitters, exchange students you might hire to play with the child, etc. Without such interactive experiences (perhaps you could also take part to improve your own French!), it will be hard to progress beyond a point of passive ability.

Input is vital, but output is essential, too. Keep at it! You can do it! Everyday, I make it a habit of writing International Academy, reading your posts ! I think your articles are good to make parents like reading too. Just like what is happening to writings King’s Ely, me right now! Isn’t it so obvious to you that you get me hooked on London Academy, your site!? And thank you for that! I am learning a lot from you and from other parent’s comments too! And I get excited each time I learn new ideas from you. Thank you, too, Raira.

I’m really happy to thinking web Lyceum Zuoz, hear that. Please stop by any time! Great resource and ideas! We also have a daily target language homework. It varies with our schedule since my children are older. Essay? We do interactive reading almost daily, I read to help an essay, them and they read to writing for scholarships International Academy, me in our target language. We play games, yes, that counts as homework on a busy day. Write School? We do experiments on the weekend and kids love it, and writing London International, they expand the vocabulary in science. We have writing as well and I make the worksheet for them so it is Alpinum, not too overwhelming.

Amanda, thank you for sharing these details of your efforts. Essay International Academy? You’re clearly doing a terrific job with your kids, and I have no doubt that their progress is strong and steady. I was just thinking this morning that establishing and maintaining good habits and routines is a fundamental part of persuasive King’s Ely, this long-term challenge. Just wanted to mention the website for English flashcards and posters SparkleBox for the ones it might interest. This website is essay writing for scholarships, used by primary schools so is sorted by topics.

And…since I have used jelly beans for writing summary International, rewards…French homeworks are done willingly! Nathalie, thank you for mentioning this website—it looks useful. Essay Writing For Scholarships London? And I’m glad to hear you’re having some success getting your kids to do their homework! Hooray for jelly beans! I am quite impressed with the things you do with your children. I have taught my elder two to read in how to a journal School English – we use the Oxford reading tree I had never heard of for scholarships London Academy, The Magic Tree House, but it looks great. I usually try to persuasive writings Ely, get my children to essay London International Academy, talk to me about the homework they have from school – the homework itself is in Greek, their majority language, but we discuss it in English. Help Bromsgrove School? This is easy when it comes to maths, of essay writing, course, but things get a bit more complicated with language.

Generally, I let their father go through Greek grammar exercises or whatever language activities they have with them in Greek, and King’s Ely, then we do some English languages activities together. Mostly I invent my own exercises, although I do have a few ready-made books. International? I like your translating idea, and I plan to write a journal School, take that up! I also make a point of reading to them and with them every day, although I had never thought of it as homework! Alex, thank you for writing for scholarships London International Academy, sharing your homework activities with your children.

Our materials and methods will naturally change over time (as mine have somewhat since this post was made), but a persistent daily routine, with books and reading at an essay Bromsgrove School, the heart of London, our efforts, pays off significantly over time. How To A Good Essay Norfolk School? In my case, it’s getting more difficult to maintain this routine as the children grow older—their school day is essay writing for scholarships, longer and they have heavier loads of homework in Japanese—but I still make homework in help on writing an essay School English a very high priority and for scholarships London International, it’s a rare day that our reading and writing activities are skipped entirely. Wow! What a great idea to use translation practice! Somehow never occurred to me although I am a professional translator myself. This could be turned into a whole language arts program for both languages simultaneously. But would only writing essay ACS Cobham School work with a child who is very able linguistically, I think. Would love to learn more about your experience with this if you continue this practice. Thanks for a very interesting blog with tons of useful materials. Lina, I’m glad the idea of using translation practice appeals to essay writing for scholarships London International, you! At some point, once I have more experience at this with my kids, perhaps I can devote a post to it. (One thing I hope to do, eventually, is implement “daily translation practice” where my kids are given a single “silly sentence” appropriate to their level—like, for my son, “I saw Daddy kissing a pig”—and must translate it from the majority language to the minority language (or vice versa).

A single sentence wouldn’t take long to translate, but doing this daily would have a powerful impact over time.) Incidentally, I touched on translation the other day in this post, which describes an essay my daughter wrote for write, school about her grandmother… Maybe you’ve already delved into this in another post, but could you expand on the penpal aspect? Where did they find penpals? How long are the writing for scholarships London International Academy letters? What do they write about? Do you ever send penpal care packages? Seems like this would be a great way to School, engage their social as well as linguistic side for for scholarships Academy, kids who are a bit more shy. Celine, maintaining a pen-pal exchange definitely takes effort, from write Wittenborg University of Applied both parents and children, but it’s a great way to promote both the target language, and as you suggest, create broader connections in the world. I can’t say that my kids actually enjoy writing the essay for scholarships Academy letters—so my support and persistence is key—but they do like receiving them and they seem to accept that this won’t happen if they don’t continue writing! (The letters aren’t terribly long, and they generally just include recent news and responses to questions, as well as questions for the other person.)

Currently, our most active exchanges are with family members: my father, my mother, and my nephew (their cousin, who’s the help an essay same age as Lulu). Essay Writing International? So, even if you communicate with family members through other means, such as Skype, I would still recommend pursuing a regular letter-writing exchange, too. My parents, especially, are good about writing back promptly, and help on writing, I try to stay pretty timely on this end, too, which means that my kids are writing letters to them (separately, since they live in writing for scholarships London International Academy different locations) about once every 4-6 weeks. When children write to grandparents, they can also discuss rich topics that normally don’t arise in conversation, such as the thinking web Lyceum grandparents’ memories of their own childhood. (I sent letters the other day to my mother where my kids are asking about writing for scholarships Academy, her interest in drawing as a child, and also want her to an article for kids Wittenborg University of Applied, draw some pictures of her cats for them!) And, of writing Academy, course, these letters from grandparents will one day be valuable keepsakes. At the same time, we’ve managed to maintain, with less regularity, exchanges with three other families: two of these families are friends with children of similar ages, and the other—actually, our very first exchange, with Lulu—was born when I saw a family’s appeal for summary essay School, a pen-pal for writing for scholarships International, their daughter in a Yahoo list that I subscribe to (see The Lively Virtual Community of “Education in Japan” ). They live in the United States, but they were looking for an English-speaking pen-pal who lives in Japan. And, yes, particularly in our exchanges with other children, we do send little packages of thinking Alpinum Zuoz, gifts from time to writing London Academy, time, like at birthdays and at Christmas. Even more than the letters, the on writing an essay Bromsgrove School packages always provide a boost of motivation for them to pick up their pencils and continue writing! I have no idea how I missed this post before!

Adam, you’ll never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas. A shame I can’t copy them easily since we don’t have the same minority language. I’d like to International, establish a homework routine with my daughter (now 4) too, but I wouldn’t know when. She gets home from after-school day-care a bit before 6pm (Daddy picks her up), and I get home almost an hour after that. Help On Writing Bromsgrove School? By then, she’s had her supper and is sometimes already in her pyjamas. Essay Writing Academy? Our bedtime reading then takes easily half an hour or more, depending on her negotiation skills and my mood. On days when I have training I get in one story before I leave and persuasive Ely, then another one or two (see above) when I get back at London Academy, 9.30. (She never sleeps before 10pm, we’ve tried just about summary, everything, and writing International, of course when I’m away she wants to wait for Mommy to come home.)

I don’t see her doing her “homework” in bed, and I don’t think that’s a good idea. Actually I wrote my message about this yesterday when an how to Rugby School, Internet glitch ate it, and essay writing for scholarships London International Academy, today I bought a special workbook in the back-to-school section of the supermarket that is for practising individual letters. That could be the start of her homework, she can already write the letters of her name (3 different ones) and a few more besides in write Wittenborg of Applied print capitals. And she wants to learn to read. Essay Writing London Academy? And she does sometimes draw in how to a journal School bed while listening to stories, so maybe that’s a place to start?

But is it a good idea to do that in bed? The bedtime stories are supposed to get her to quieten down, and a writing exercise (or other homework) would only wake her up, no? (Not that the writing for scholarships London International current quietening strategy is working…) Mayken, yes, it sounds like time is thinking, tight. Not knowing the full details of your lifestyle, I can’t really judge what would be best, but I’m wondering if you could possibly squeeze in even five or ten minutes in the morning, instead of trying to establish a homework routine at for scholarships, night. Maybe it would work, but I could see it being tough to maintain, night after night. And that’s the thing, a homework routine, to help an essay School, be sustainable and essay writing, effective, really needs to be a persistent practice, and on writing Bromsgrove, this naturally becomes easier when there’s a regular rhythm of activity at roughly the essay for scholarships Academy same time each day. Most useful post for me. I am doing with my older son some of these things. He has got a knack for puzzles.

He loves trains. Web Lyceum? I always try to prepare homework connected with his interests. I am teaching phonics with “progressive phonics”, a free programme. We also begin to read three letter words families… During the last advent he did “dot to essay, dot” worksheets every day. Summary Essay ACS Cobham International School? Anyway your posts support all that I am trying to writing for scholarships Academy, do with my little ones.

Now I have a question for you. Some people around me says that I don’t have to teach English to my children, especially to read. According to them my kids can have difficulty at school with the majority language, Italian. What do you think about that? I know very well Italian and I am fluent in persuasive writings it more than in English. I am teacher here.

Sometimes I have got the writing London International temptation to do both languages with my kids. Write Report Rugby? Then I came to writing for scholarships London International, a conclusion: I will teach English and at school they will learn Italian. The Italian phonemic system is on writing an essay School, entirely different from English. Do you think that I have to use the translation method? I always refused it, even if my kids do it spontaneously! Please, clear my ideas. Thank you. Reena, I’m glad this post is useful for you.

It sounds like you and your son are doing well with your homework routine. Keep at essay for scholarships London Academy, it! As for write a good essay School, your question, because I don’t know Italian, I’m not sure how helpful I can be. I would say, though, that if you continue to nurture your children’s English literacy at writing for scholarships London Academy, home, they’ll likely still do just fine at acquiring Italian literacy at how to a journal report Rugby, school. Essay Academy? This isn’t something I would be concerned about, despite what well-meaning (but uninformed) people say. I’m sure there have been many parents, before you, who have been successful in fostering English at home, Italian at school. And, generally speaking, I don’t think you’ll need to continuously translate the for kids Sciences text for essay writing for scholarships London International, your children.

If you choose books that are at an appropriate level, translation can be kept to a minimum. You have some really great ideas. I live in The Netherlands and have brought up our 2 girls speaking English. They are now in grades 4 and 6. I have read aloud in English to them since birth. They can read a bit themselves, but I never took them any further with reading and writing because I found it so important for them to essay ACS Cobham School, get a good grip on their main language of writing London International, Dutch. Thinking Web Lyceum Alpinum? Now I want more for them.

I’ve looked at writing London, the Spectrum series. Is it best to start them on thinking, a grade or 2 below where they are currently or at their own age? What is International Academy, your idea on writings King’s Ely, that? Carol, it’s important that the content of the essay for scholarships book match your children’s language level and current needs. The book should stretch their language development, but not be too challenging or the effort won’t be sustainable. Summary ACS Cobham International? As I can’t really judge your children’s level, I would simply encourage you to for scholarships International Academy, look inside any book you’re interested in at Amazon (or another online retailer) and consider carefully whether that book is a suitable match. Imagine using it with them, day after day.

Will it work? In my case, I don’t always make the best choices (and we don’t do every page of every book), but I do keep seeking out fresh materials by studying the content online and placing regular orders. I would also encourage you to make active use of an essay, captive reading. This strategy has had a very positive impact on my children’s literacy development over the years. We are not at essay writing for scholarships, the homework age yet since my daughter is only 14 months (although I do read aloud to persuasive writings, her every day). I was wondering, though, how you get your kids to do EXTRA homework in addition to writing for scholarships London International Academy, their school work? My niece and how to Glenlyon Norfolk School, nephew, who are 8 and 10, have tons of homework! Your site is awesome and I’m so glad I found it early on.

I’ll be using a lot of essay London International, your resources since our ml is also English. Do you have any book suggestions for persuasive writings Ely, the early ages (1 to 2 years)? Heidi, I hope my work can continue to writing International Academy, be a helpful source of support for ACS Cobham, your success. I look forward to hearing good news from you as time goes by! To sustain a daily homework routine, I think it helps to start the process early, when the children are small so that this activity becomes a firm habit for everyone—including the minority language parent. If it isn’t like brushing your teeth—something that’s done reflexively every day—I think it’s much harder to essay for scholarships London Academy, maintain.

At the web Lyceum Zuoz same time, the amount and content must be appropriate for the child and as engaging as possible. International? Yes, a daily homework routine is a significant commitment, but if literacy in how to University the minority language is an essay writing for scholarships London International, important aim, then the parent must make this a relentless priority—day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. As for books for little ones, we had a lot of fun with the a journal report School board books by Sandra Boynton. You’ll also find a variety of writing for scholarships, ideas in this thread about how to a journal report Rugby School, English resources at essay for scholarships London International, The Bilingual Zoo. Hi! You don’t happen to know of any good reading/writing resources for English-speaking learners of Japanese, do you?

I guess I’m specifically looking for short reading comprehension passages with questions, or writing practice sheets with word banks like you have displayed above in thinking web Lyceum English. All I can really find online or in the States are hiragana tracing worksheets and coloring sheets, but my kids (ages 6 and 4) can’t remember any hiragana for the life of them, even after tracing several times. (Well, plus there are so many hiragana, and my kids can’t stay focused long enough to trace/color more than one or two a day.) Kelly, I’m afraid I don’t know much about writing London Academy, Japanese materials for English-speaking children, but maybe Hiragana Mama could be helpful? Also, the Japanese app from MindSnacks might be a useful resource. We have their Spanish app and it’s quite engaging. In fact, recently I was looking into Japanese apps for myself, and ACS Cobham International, found a much wider selection than I expected, so you may discover other useful apps for kids and/or adults at the App Store. Good luck, Kelly! And ganbatte! I’d love to essay writing London, start up a homework routine but think my daughter will run a mile if I get worksheets out as it’s too much like extra school. Sometimes she’ll do dot-to-dots or colouring/colour by numbers/letters and even sometimes pages from writings her Jolly Phonics workbooks if she’s in the mood. I’m trying to make it as much fun as possible/giving rewards but sometimes to no avail.

She is pretty strong-willed or stubborn!! Any other tips for for scholarships London Academy, when she doesn’t want to do it? (She prefers to Ely, watch TV or play. ) Tracey, if she isn’t quite ready for essay writing for scholarships Academy, sustained seatwork, you could try making similar literacy efforts in a more active way, to how to report Rugby School, meet her current needs. One quick example: Spread out flashcards on the floor (letters, words, numbers, etc.) and take turns calling out a target for the other person to jump onto, from card to card. With some creative thought (and further ideas from essay writing for scholarships Academy sites that focus on “active language games”), your “homework routine” can start as a more playful and active time together, which perhaps ends with a little seatwork, too. (After she jumps about, maybe she’ll be better able to sit for a few minutes to do a quieter activity.) Then, as she matures, the ACS Cobham active part can gradually decrease while the seatwork part increases! Thanks Adam for all the writing London International great advice!

Yes, that’s definitely a good idea but when she’s in writing essay International School her worst moods she doesn’t want to do anything I suggest, only watch TV or play the games she wants to play!! (I’m a TEFL teacher so have lots of ideas/games we can play although it seems more difficult sometimes to teach my own child!!…especially combining it with occupying her little brother at the same time!!) We did a great easy science experiment last week with Skittles and the past few days she has actually done some dot-to-dot/mazes/colouring etc and 2 Ebooks in English yesterday so feeling much more positive about it!! Just keep at it, Tracey! All this will probably get easier as your children get older! Here’s another link with further ideas for Academy, engaging activities (which may be useful with your students, too)… Comments, please! (Your email address won't be displayed.)

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University of California, Riverside. RIVERSIDE, Calif. Essay For Scholarships London. ( — Colleges with high-profile athletics programs say they reinforce to players the importance of balancing their lives as students and on writing Bromsgrove School athletes, but the reality may be a system that focuses on sports at the expense of academics, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Riverside. Forthcoming in The Journal of Higher Education , the essay writing London International Academy, study by Uma Jayakumar and Eddie Comeaux from UCR’s Graduate School of Education, examined the role of organizational culture in web Lyceum, shaping the lives of college athletes as they negotiate their dual roles as both students and players. In the study, titled ‘The Cultural Cover Up of writing for scholarships International Academy College Athletics: How Organizational Culture Perpetuates an Unrealistic and help an essay School Idealized Balancing Act,’ the essay London, researchers conducted field observations and in-depth interviews with athletes, coaches and other stakeholders in intercollegiate athletics at a top Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) public university. The study highlights the challenges faced by college athletes in revenue-generating sports, and sheds light on a popular narrative that blames players for low graduation rates.

It is likely that this narrative exists at other big-time athletic programs considering the growing public commentary on tensions between academics and athletics goals. From the start of their college careers, athletes described a scenario where sports were prioritized over academics—despite what they were told verbally. One of the writing essay School, key interviewees, a former star football player who was given the pseudonym Chaz, shared his experience as a new recruit: “They talk about how academics are a priority; you are here for an education. You hear it. Writing For Scholarships London. But when you show up you are herded into a room to how to a journal Rugby School, take your physical, they are weighing you, they’re seeing how tall you are, poking at essay writing London, you, trying to feel around for injuries. You get the writing ACS Cobham School, feeling that you are like cattle to writing International Academy, them, but that’s just the name of the game, I guess,” Chaz said. Help On Writing Bromsgrove. “Then, for the next couple of essay for scholarships London Academy weeks it’s just football—I played in three big games before I saw an actual college classroom.” A key finding was the organization’s suggestion that students were responsible for their athletic successes—if they worked hard enough they could reach pro level—and that academics were the how to write a good essay Glenlyon, ‘easy part’ for which they would receive extensive support.

In reality, 45 percent of Football Bowl Subdivision School football players do not receive college degrees. Eddie Comeaux, associate professor of higher education. “If the essay London International Academy, coach, the media, and everyone else around you are saying ‘you can play pro writings King’s, football if you work hard enough,’ then of course you’re going to put more effort into essay writing London International Academy, athletics over academics,” said Comeaux, an associate professor of higher education and a former college athlete. “But this masks the reality, which is that obtaining a college degree is much more likely than reaching sporting success at a national level, and a much better guarantee of future success.” During orientation, the head football coach emphasized to thinking web Lyceum Zuoz, recruits the importance of getting an education, referring to sports as the “second reason” someone would choose to writing, attend college. At face value, athletes were supported academically—with tutoring sessions, study halls and the constantly reinforced notion that they could excel both in the classroom and on the field. But with players spending upward of 40 hours each week in how to, sport-related activities, many said they struggled academically. One noted, “I don’t care what they say, you are just too worn out to study as much as you need to.” The dual student/athlete role presented at orientation also shifted as players progressed in for scholarships, the program, with the head football coach acknowledging the write a journal Rugby School, ideal student is “one who wants to get an education and better himself. London International. And it doesn’t mean he’s going to get an A. It might mean he’s going to get a C.” Another interviewee recalled a coach telling an academic advisor to “make sure [the athlete] stays eligible” to play, without recognizing academic success as a goal in and of itself.

Jayakumar said the research raises questions about the help on writing an essay Bromsgrove School, role athletic organizations play in helping athletes negotiate their dual identities and securing their academic success. “The perception is that athletes underperform because they have poor time management or underdeveloped study skills, but at the end of the day, these individuals are filling the essay writing for scholarships London International, shoes of persuasive writings King’s two people at the same time. London. While there is always going to be a natural focus on athletics, that shouldn’t be at the expense of their academic futures,” she said. Jayakumar and Comeaux discuss a number of writings recommendations to essay for scholarships London, improve the culture of an how to for kids Wittenborg University Sciences, athletic department, including hiring, training, and incentivizing athletic leaders who engage in London International Academy, practices that are consistent with the mission and values of the broader academic community. UC Riverside’s Sue Gozansky Inducted Into Riverside Sport Hall Of Fame.

Riverside—The Riverside Sport Hall of Fame inducted former UC Riverside Head Volleyball Coach Sue Gozansky on Monday, May 16, as part of the Induction Class of 2016. The reception, dinner and awards ceremony took place at the Riverside Convention Center. Coach Gozansky, who spent 39 years at the helm of the Highlanders, was one of persuasive writings King’s seven inductees honored in four categories. Gozansky’s induction came under the Coach category, and she was joined by Dusty Baker and Leon Parma from the Pre 1970 Athletes category; David Ashley, Joanna Hayes and Adam Kennedy for Post 1970s Athletes; and Henry Coil who was honored as a Contributor. Sue Gozansky at the Riverside Hall of Fame Monday, May 16, 2016. “I have only been in Riverside a short while” said UC Riverside Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Tamica Smith Jones, “but it became very evident to me early in my tenure that Sue Gozansky is one of the most important and revered members of our Highlanders family, and her influence on multiple generations of UC Riverside student-athletes is still being felt to essay writing London Academy, this day. Summary. Sue is truly one of the great ambassadors for both the sport of volleyball and the city of Riverside, and she could not be more deserving of this honor.” In addition, UC Riverside Women’s Basketball player Brittany Crain and Men’s Soccer player Michael Salazar were honored in London, the opening ceremony’s Parade of Champions. Study Advances Understanding of writing summary essay Colon Cancer and Colitis.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), of which Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the essay for scholarships London, main types, is on the increase in the United States, affecting more than 1.6 million people and explaining perhaps the International, increase in advertisements offering treatments and cures. Another intestinal disease is colon cancer, a leading cause of death, which is linked to diet and essay one’s genetic predisposition to the disease. What is already known in the field of cell biology is thinking Zuoz that a transcription factor, called hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha (HNF4-alpha), plays a key role in both diseases, transcription factors being proteins that help transcribe DNA into its close cousin, RNA, which is then translated into proteins which do the work of the cell. Essay Writing Academy. HNF4-alpha comes in web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, two major isoforms, P1-HNF4-alpha and P2-HNF4-alpha (hereafter P1 and for scholarships International Academy P2, respectively), but just how these isoforms are distributed in the gut and how each isoform plays a role in colitis and colon cancer are not understood. Now, working on mice, a team of researchers at on writing Bromsgrove School, the University of essay writing International Academy California, Riverside has determined the distribution of the writing essay International School, P1 and P2 isoforms in the colon. They report in the journal eLife that maintaining a balance of P1 and P2 is crucial for reducing risk of essay London International contracting colon cancer and how to write a good nursing Norfolk School colitis. “P1 and essay International Academy P2 have been conserved between mice and humans for 70 million years,” said Frances M. Sladek, a professor of cell biology, who led the research project. “Both isoforms are important and we want to keep an appropriate balance between them in Alpinum Zuoz, our gut by avoiding foods that would disrupt this balance and essay writing consuming foods that help preserve it. What these foods are is our next focus in the lab.”

The intestine is the only adult tissue in the body that expresses both P1 and Bromsgrove School P2. Sladek and her team have shown for the first time that these isoforms perform non-redundant functions in the intestine and are relevant to colitis and colitis-associated colon cancer. “Our study also suggests that finding a drug to stabilize one isoform should be more effective than targeting both isoforms for treating colitis and colon cancer,” said Karthikeyani Chellappa, the first author of the research paper and a former postdoctoral researcher in Sladek’s lab. Sladek explained that the colonic epithelial surface has finger-like invaginations (into the colonic wall) called colonic crypts that house stem cells at their base. These stem cells help regenerate new epithelial cells that continuously migrate up towards the surface, thus ensuring complete renewal of the essay writing for scholarships London Academy, intestinal lining every three-five days. The researchers observed that the P1-positive cells were found in the surface lining and the top portion of the crypt (green in the accompanying image) while P2-positive cells were mostly in the proliferative compartment in the lower half of the writings, crypt (proliferation marker is red in the image.) Further, when transgenic mice – genetically engineered to have only either P1 or P2 – were subjected to a carcinogen and, subsequently, to an irritant to essay for scholarships London Academy, stress the epithelial lining of the colon, the researchers found that the P1 mice showed fewer tumors than wildtype control mice. When treated with irritant alone, these mice were resistant to colitis. In sharp contrast, mice with only P2 showed more tumors and were much more susceptible to colitis.

The researchers explain these findings by invoking the “barrier function” – a mucosal barrier, generated by the colon’s epithelial cells, that prevents bacteria in the gut from entering the King’s Ely, body. In the case of P1 mice, this barrier function was enhanced. The P2 mice, on the other hand, showed a compromised barrier function, presumably allowing bacteria to pass through. Next, the researchers examined genes expressed in the P1 and P2 mice. They found that RELM-beta, a cytokine (a signaling molecule of the immune system) expressed in the gastrointestinal tract and implicated in colitis, was expressed far more in the P2 mice than the P1 mice. “This makes sense since a reduced barrier function means bacteria can go across the barrier, which activates RELM-beta,” Sladek said. “We also found that the essay for scholarships International Academy, P2 protein transcribes RELM-beta more effectively than the P1 protein.” Next, Poonamjot Deol, an assistant project scientist in Sladek’s lab and the second author of the eLife study, will lead a project aimed at understanding how diet affects the distribution of persuasive King’s Ely P1 and P2 in the gut. She and others in the lab also plan to investigate how obesity and colitis may be linked. (Diet studies performed in Sladek’s lab in the past illustrated soybean oil’s adverse effect on obesity.) “In the case of Academy colitis, could soybean oil be playing a part in writings King’s Ely, allowing bacteria to get across the barrier function?” Deol said. “We do not know. We know its detrimental effect on obesity.

But more research needs to be done where colitis is concerned.” Sladek, Chellappa and Deol were joined in writing for scholarships London Academy, the research by Jane R. Evans, a staff research associate; Linh M. Vuong, a postdoctoral fellow; as well as Gang Chen, Eugene Bolotin, Christian Lytle and Meera G. Nair – all at UCR; and Nadege Briancon, formerly at the Pasteur Institute. The research was supported by a grant to Sladek from the National Institutes of Health (NIH 5R01DK053892). RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — A musical composition that represents the merging of the Milky Way, the Andromeda, and Triangulum Galaxies, which is predicted to occur in four billion years, will be performed Friday, May 20 at King’s, the University of California, Riverside. The piece, “ Galaxias: MW M31 M33 ,” is the essay for scholarships London Academy, product of the persuasive writings, thesis project pursued by Ryan Straka, a music major who graduated from UC Riverside in for scholarships Academy, 2015. It is based on how to write nursing essay Norfolk School, super computer simulations of the collision between the galaxies, which were performed and writing for scholarships International reported in 2012 by how to write for kids Wittenborg University astronomer Roeland van der Marel. The first movement of the 10-minute piece is the pure mathematical translation of the data. The second and third movements are takes by Straka on the astronomical phenomena. A musical composition based on the collision of writing for scholarships three galaxies will be performed May 20 at UC Riverside. The piece will be performed by a quartet comprised of persuasive King’s musicians playing a cello, piano, violin and clarinet as part of the UCR Choral Society and UCR Chamber Music Ensembles concert from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Essay Writing London. Friday, May 20 at the Arts Building Performance Lab (ARTS 166).

The concert is help on writing free and open to the public. Although admission is free, a ticket is required. One ticket per essay writing London Academy, person will be distributed at the venue one hour before the performance. Persuasive Ely. Seating is limited and on London International, a first-come, first-served basis. Writing. Complimentary parking permits are available at campus parking kiosks.

Straka was advised by Tim Labor, an associate professor of music, Mario De Leo Winkler, a postdoctoral researcher in astrophysics who specializes in public outreach and education of essay writing London Academy science at the physics and astronomy department UC Riverside; and Gabriela Canalizo, a professor of in the physics and astronomy department at Alpinum, UC Riverside. The project is funded through the Academy, public outreach component of a National Science Foundation grant awarded to Gillian Wilson, a professor of in the physics and astronomy department at UC Riverside, and nursing Norfolk supported by the FIELDS Program, which is led by Bahram Mobasher, also a professor in the physics and astronomy department. UC Riverside Presents ‘Toward a Critical Refugee Studies: A Symposium’ RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( – What would you do when your, as Kenyan-born Somali poet Warsan Shire phrases it, “home is the mouth of a shark?” Artists, activists, and academics will gather to tackle that topic at the University of California, Riverside with a symposium on global displacement. The conference is called, “Toward a Critical Refugee Studies,” and will be held on Wednesday, May 25, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It will be held in Interdisciplinary 1113 and 1128. The event is London International Academy free and open to summary essay, the public. Through panel discussions and performances, the conference seeks to essay writing International Academy, further the emergence of Critical Refugee Studies as an academic discipline. Writing Summary ACS Cobham International School. The symposium will serve as a platform for discussing refugee populations and their histories, bringing together experts who will discuss and explore refugees originating from essay writing for scholarships International Academy Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. “Existing literature on on writing an essay Bromsgrove School, refugees often emphasizes a narrative arc that connects trauma and survival to economic and cultural assimilation,” said Lan Duong, associate professor in the media and cultural studies department at UCR, and the conference organizer. For Scholarships London Academy. “Countering this narrative, the symposium will conceptualize the how to a journal Rugby, refugee not as an object of rescue, but as a site of social and political critique, whose emergence when traced would make visible the processes of colonization, war, and Academy displacement.”

A portion of the conference will be moderated by author and critic Viet Thanh Nguyen, whose book “The Sympathizer” recently won a Pulitzer Prize. Nguyen is also the author of “Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War.” The event schedule is writings Ely as follows: 8:30-9:30 a.m. – Breakfast, INTS 1111. 9:30-11:00 a.m. – Keywords I with Mohamed Abumaye (UC San Diego), Y?n Le Espiritu (UC San Diego), Lila Sharif (University of writing for scholarships International Academy Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), and Khatharya Um (UC Berkeley), INTS 1113. Writings Ely. 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. – Refugee Nation Workshop with Ova Saopeng (artist and performer), INTS 1113. 12:30-1:30 p.m. – Lunch, INTS 1111. 1:30-3 p.m. – Keywords II with Victor Bascara (UCLA), Lan Duong (UCR), and Ma Vang (UC Merced), INTS 1113. 3-3:30 p.m. – Poetry reading with Mai Der Vang (writer and poet), INTS 1128. 3:30-4 p.m. Academy. – Rap performance by praCh (rapper), INTS 1128. 4-4:30 p.m. – Open discussion and QA with artists Mai Der Vang, praCh, and Viet Thanh Nguyen (University of Southern California), INTS 1128.

5-5:30 p.m. – Close of conference. The symposium is made possible with funding from the UCR Center for Ideas and Society and help an essay Bromsgrove the departments of Asian Studies and Media and writing Academy Cultural Studies, and essay ACS Cobham International the Transpacific Studies Center at USC. “Looking at the contexts for why refugees are forced to leave and seek refuge elsewhere, the conference examines the essay London International, wages of war and systems of oppression that have compelled many to writing essay, leave,” said Duong. “The conversations we wish to essay writing International Academy, facilitate counter the ways in which refugees have been represented – as passive and without imagination – in scholarship as well as culture. To this end, discussions will touch on write a good nursing Glenlyon School, the arts and the creative impulse; militarism and imperialism; climate change, sexism, and racism; and the lens of human rights through which refugees are often framed in political discourses.” New Book Identifies 50 Studies Every Pediatrician Should Know. RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Now that she is a first-time mother of a six-month-old boy, Ashaunta Anderson, MD, MPH, is especially happy to for scholarships International Academy, be one of five authors of the just published book, “50 Studies Every Pediatrician Should Know” (Oxford University Press, 2016). An assistant professor of pediatrics at the Center for Healthy Communities in the School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside, Anderson contributed 13 of the 50 chapters to the book, covering a variety of topics including fever in infants, bacterial infections, childhood exposure to lead, seizures and epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and sickle cell anemia. The 50 studies that the five coauthors zeroed in on thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, are divided into 16 sections. The sections broadly cover allergies, behavior, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, ENT, general pediatrics, hematology, infectious disease, neonatology, nephrology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and pulmonary disease.

“In pediatrics, as in all of medicine, we learn standard practices in medical school or in residency, but we don’t always know why we do the things we do,” Anderson said. Essay Writing For Scholarships Academy. “So we set out to write this book to highlight what we think are the 50 most important studies in pediatrics as a way to educate people delivering care to children on why they practice what they do today.” The oldest of four children, Anderson has taken care of help an essay Bromsgrove children her entire life. “It comes naturally to me, perhaps as a result,” she said. “I tried several specialties in medical school. Pediatrics was by far the one I enjoyed the most. You could have a tough day, be on call, say, for the past 30 hours, but then you see that the next child that needs to be admitted has this big smile, and that lifts you up and essay writing for scholarships London International Academy keeps you going.” Book cover. Image credit: Oxford University Press.

Each chapter in the book begins with a research question. Writing Summary Essay School. For example, the chapter “Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccination and Autism” asks: Does the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine (MMR) cause autism? The research question is followed by relevant information about the study – funding sources, when the study began, when it was published, where the study was conducted and who was studied. A concise summary of the study follows, emphasizing the results, limitations, implications, as well as information about what kind of criticism the study received. Each chapter offers other relevant studies for the reader to essay writing Academy, consider. An illustrative clinical case study ends each chapter.

“This is the kind of book that would be popular in Ely, medical journal clubs,” Anderson said. Essay For Scholarships. “We have essentially provided CliffsNotes on 50 studies that shaped the summary School, current clinical practice of pediatrics.” To identify the 50 chapters, Anderson and her coauthors – Nina L. Essay For Scholarships London Academy. Shapiro, UCLA; Stephen C. Aronoff, Temple University, Penn.; Jeremiah C. Davis, Mosaic Medical, Ore.; and Michael Levy, University of Michigan – consulted senior pediatricians around the United States. Michael E. Hochman at the University of Southern California served as the series editor. “Today we are facing an help on writing an essay, explosion of medical knowledge,” said Anderson, who joined UC Riverside in London International Academy, 2013. How To Write A Good Norfolk School. “It’s hard for medical schools to let their trainees know all there is to know – simply because there is writing for scholarships London Academy such abundance. Of course, not all of it is write School high quality. In a way we’ve done the work for writing, pediatricians by identifying the 50 studies that have been most influential in how we practice pediatrics today.” At UCR, Anderson’s research explores the origins of health disparities in the social environments of writing ACS Cobham School early childhood. Her work is particularly focused on essay writing London International Academy, the impact of early school readiness on later academic achievement and related health outcomes. She is interested in the ways parents, health care providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders interact to support school readiness in all children. How To A Good Essay Norfolk. To this end, she has conducted a number of Academy qualitative assessments of early childhood educators, pediatricians, and thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz minority parents with the goal of developing a culturally appropriate community-partnered intervention to promote early school readiness. She is currently evaluating the effect of the school environment on essay for scholarships London Academy, adolescent health risk behaviors.

She has also examined the an essay Bromsgrove School, methods pediatricians use to ensure consistent chlamydia screening in sexually active adolescents. She is also interested in the broader policy landscape in her health services research. In the essay, wake of the Affordable Care Act, she is examining the application of the changing health care system to thinking Alpinum, child health. Anderson is not sure at writing for scholarships International Academy, this time what her next book would discuss. “Perhaps a book on for kids University, racial socialization, which is how children learn the for scholarships, meaning of race in society,” she said. “Parents, peers, the media, treatment in Rugby, school – all of writing for scholarships these and more shape how children think of themselves and how they view the world.” UCR’s International Education Program Celebrates 40 Years of Providing a Home Away from Home. It started with a simple request 40 years ago from summary essay ACS Cobham International School UCR Admissions to UCR Extension: 20 students from King Faisal Medical University are headed to UCR. Please set up an English language program for International Academy, them.

And so they did. But these students needed more than just English. Writing ACS Cobham International. They needed doctors, they needed help with science. And they needed families who would let them stay. “They needed to International, be picked up from LAX!” Bronwyn Jenkins-Deas said to a sympathetic crowd celebrating the anniversary on how to write a good Glenlyon Norfolk School, Tuesday, May 10. Essay Writing For Scholarships London International. Now the director of Extension’s International Education Programs, she noted that over four decades, they have expanded to welcome 5,000 students each year from all over the world who come to Riverside to study for a few weeks, or an entire year. It is one of the largest programs of its kind in the nation, she said. “Our students feel they have a home away from home,” Jenkins-Deas said.

UCR Extension International Education Program celebrated 40 years of international visitors with a barbecue May 10. They come from how to write for kids Wittenborg of Applied Japan, Korea, China, India, Spain, and the Middle East. Many of them stay in private homes, talking around the dinner table, commuting to essay writing for scholarships London International Academy, school, heading out for entertainment at writing International School, a theme park or a sports arena, shopping at for scholarships London International Academy, local shops and malls. It has made Riverside a more international community. “We have homestay families who have been with us for decades,” said Sharon Duffy, dean of write nursing essay Norfolk School UCR Extension. Essay Writing London International Academy. “We have several Riverside families who are never without an international student in how to write an article for kids Sciences, their home.” Tom and writing International Kim Carrasco of Riverside have had international students stay in their home for the past 24 years, when their own son was just 4. He was an only child and their first homestay visitors were teenage boys from Switzerland. They blended in with the family so well that they have stayed in touch, introducing wives and children to their America parents. As Kim Carrasco sat at the evening celebration, she said they hope to get to Switzerland one day, their current house guest from Japan, Nozomi, arrived to say that he had been invited by friends to go out, and he would meet them later at home.

“We’ve never had a bad homestay,” Kim Carraso said. Writing Summary Essay ACS Cobham. She said her own son, now 28, plans a trip to essay for scholarships International, Japan soon. The visits can be dramatic because of world events, for instance the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan in a journal, 2011 left many homestay students from nearby communities anxiously searching TV news for glimpses of homes and for scholarships International Academy family members. “The hardest part is seeing them go home,” said Emily Dooley, who has been a homestay mom for how to nursing Glenlyon Norfolk School, 25 years. In that time, she and essay writing for scholarships London International her husband Geoffrey have hosted 210 students from 12 different countries. They said one secret of on writing an essay Bromsgrove getting conversation going is game night, including puzzles and dominos.

The 40th anniversary barbecue gave Bronwyn Jenkins-Deas a chance to reward her staff members, including Guilherme Almeida, who has been recruiting students from other parts of the for scholarships International Academy, world. The cultural benefit on both sides is huge, as is the economic benefit to the city. Writing Essay International. In the six weeks or six months of a homestay relationship, not only is an international student soaking up English skills, but purchasing food, films, phones and souvenirs for family. Ron Loveridge, a UCR political science professor and the former mayor of Riverside, said the international character of the essay writing Academy, city is definitely noticeable to him. “Riverside is not a walled city; instead we participate in many ways in the global marketplace. For 40 years, UCR Extension has been a major center for international study and visits.” UCR students, faculty and leaders from Riverside take trips around the world. One trip 12 years ago celebrated the opening of Zuoz a center that is essay for scholarships International Academy a partnership with Riverside’s Sister City, Gangnam, South Korea, It is called the Gangnam – University of California, Riverside International Education Center and provides English language instruction with UCR Extension. It serves 1,000 students each year.

UCR Associate Professor Setsu Shigematsu took a group of students to Josai University Educational Corporation in Tokyo in 2015. “Our students appreciated the privilege of being able to live and study in the heart of thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz Tokyo at one of essay for scholarships London Academy Josai’s beautiful campuses,” said Shigematsu. “Many students expressed that the program became a life-changing experience.” She said she chose that destination because Josai University Educational Corporation with its two campuses, Josai University and Josai International University, has a 32-year relationship with UCR. It is led by a well-known women’s studies scholar and international education pioneer, Chancellor Noriko Mizuta. Mizuta has ties to Southern California and to Riverside. She was a professor at USC teaching about women in literature during the time that she was raising her children in Riverside. When she accepted the chancellorship at Josai University Educational Corporation, she founded the first Women’s Studies graduate program in Japan.

“Chancellor Mizuta wants her students to how to a journal report School, start thinking globally,” said Jenkins-Deas. “For example, in the coming week we will host the writing for scholarships Academy, entire freshman class of 120 nursing students.” Over the partnership, more than 3,000 Japanese students have come from Josai University and Josai International University to Riverside to study for short- and long-term programs. All of persuasive writings Ely them have stayed with local families. Essay Writing London International. A delegation from Josai University Educational Corporation attended the 40th anniversary barbecue. “The partnerships, the personal relationships and the follow-through is so important in write an article University, creating a sense of a global university,” said Duffy. “This program is a perfect example of that.” “When we go to Japan it is amazing to see all the UCR sweatshirts at Josai International University,” said Duffy. UCR delegation member, Sharon Duffy, Dean University Extension, meets students who had previously studied at UCR.

Duffy visited Josai International University Campus in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, on Thursday, April 23, 2015. (Yuriko Nakao/AP Images for UC Riverside) The University also keeps one faculty member at UCR each academic year, housed in essay London, the UCR Extension building. “The four members of the delegation who are coming have spent one year or more in Riverside,” said Duffy. They met with faculty and students on how to write Rugby, campus, had dinner with the chancellor at his home, and took a special gift back to Chancellor Mizuta, a rarely awarded UCR Medallion. It was presented by Chancellor Kim A. Essay Writing Academy. Wilcox to recognize Chancellor Mizuta’s consistent partnership, her scholarship and Alpinum Zuoz her pioneering work in international education. UCR Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox honors Noriko Mizuta, the chancellor of Josai University Educational Corporation, a partner for the past 32 years with the campus. The delegation from essay writing London Academy Josai included Masumi Ishida, Toshiaki Inoue, Maria Shiguemi Ichiyama, Rieko Yamagushi. On the Line continues with an exhibition, performances and discussions by participating artists at the Casa Blanca branch of the Riverside Public Library on May 21.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. Write Report Rugby. – Regional and international artists associated with On the Line, a program that connects the essay writing Academy, practice of washing and drying laundry with art, will exhibit, perform and discuss their work at the Casa Blanca branch of the Riverside Public Library, 2985 Madison St., on Saturday, May 21, from 2 to 5 p.m. The On the Line project was started by UC Riverside anthropology professor and artist Susan Ossman in 2013. Since then, this collaboration between artists and writing summary essay International School anthropologists has inspired the International Academy, production of dozens of original works of visual art, dance, music and performance art, videos and a puzzle children can play with. “Story circles” and participative portrait painting bring the public into the program for write an article for kids University of Applied, the 2016 events. Casa Blanca is the final program in a series of outdoor pop-up events organized with the Riverside Public Library. Visitors will see how the artworks have developed and incorporated the public’s “laundry stories” since previous events at for scholarships London International Academy, the Arlanza and La Sierra libraries in March and April.

On the Alpinum Zuoz, Line explores the practice of washing and essay writing for scholarships London drying laundry to show connections between art and the gestures, colors and sounds of ordinary activities. Persuasive Writings King’s Ely. Reflecting on laundry also brings up social issues of work and International gender, class, culture and memory, Ossman explained. Ossman, who directs UC Riverside’s Global Studies Program, said she was originally inspired to work on how to write an article Sciences, this theme while living in Morocco, where laundry strung across balconies and writing for scholarships International Academy terraces inspired her painting. In California since 2007, she pursued this work. Here, most people use dryers and clothes hung on the line are associated with poverty or foreignness. Her solo show of work on thinking Alpinum, these themes launched the writing International Academy, On the persuasive writings King’s, Line project in 2013.

In addition to 60 artists from the Inland Empire, Southern California, Latin America and Europe, nearly three dozen UCR graduate students and essay for scholarships London Academy 90 undergraduate students have participated in On the Line over the last three years. In addition to persuasive writings King’s Ely, exhibitions and performances, the program includes seminars, conferences and guest lectures. On May 19, artist and On the Line participant Carrie Ida Edinger will discuss “Art and Anthropology: An Artist’s Perspective” at UCR from 3:45 to 5 p.m. in Interdisciplinary 1113. Her lecture is free and open to the public. Parking permits may be obtained at the kiosk on West Campus Drive at the University Avenue entrance to the campus. Edinger is an artist who uses interdisciplinary practices between art and writing International anthropology. Among her current projects is an how to write a good Glenlyon School, Internet-based collection that examines the social interaction between people and objects.

She writes a column for Anthropology News, “Crossing Disciplines: Art and Anthropology,” and is co-writing a blog for essay writing for scholarships London, On the Line with UCR undergraduate Edith Macias. The lecture and Edinger’s participation in help on writing Bromsgrove, On the for scholarships, Line are sponsored by the UCR Department of Anthropology, the UCR Global Studies Program, and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). On the a good nursing Norfolk School, Line exhibitions in Riverside branch libraries have been made possible by a grant from the NEA with the support of the Riverside Public Library, UC Riverside and the Riverside Arts Council. Artists participating in On the essay writing for scholarships International, Line also will stage a pop-up event at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum on June 5 from 1 to 4 p.m. RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — When you’re paid to sell things, it doesn’t hurt to be able to stretch the truth or prey on help on writing an essay Bromsgrove School, people’s emotions once in a while. Most advertisers probably don’t spend too much time thinking about karma, then, but perhaps they should—at least if they want to essay writing London International Academy, get better at their jobs.

A new study by researchers from the University of California, Riverside and the University of Louisville has examined how consumers’ beliefs about karma influence their responses to charitable appeals in advertising. The findings show that people who believe in karma, despite seeing the positive benefits of doing good deeds, do not always respond favorably. The results suggest advertisers and marketers should consider customers’ karmic beliefs when seeking to incentivize pro-social behaviors. Forthcoming in the Journal of how to Wittenborg University of Applied Consumer Research , the study, “In Pursuit of essay for scholarships Academy Good Karma: When Charitable Appeals to Do Right Go Wrong,” was authored by Katina Kulow, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of for kids of Applied Sciences Louisville. She completed the research as a graduate student under the direction of Thomas Kramer, associate professor of marketing at UCR’s School of Business Administration. Although karma, the belief that the universe bestows rewards for London International, doing right and exacts punishments for doing wrong, is largely an Eastern philosophy, there are numerous examples of the notion in Western culture as well, much in line with the sayings “you reap what you sow” and “what goes around comes around.” As a naturalistic principle, karma shares properties with other irrational beliefs, such as superstition and nursing essay Glenlyon Norfolk fate, which help explain life events or occurrences that are otherwise difficult to understand. Most Americans are unlikely to admit they are irrational, but a growing body of research shows otherwise, raising previously unanswered questions about the effects of karma on consumer behaviors. In a series of experiments done both in essay International Academy, person and online, the researchers examined how consumers’ belief in karma affected pro-social behaviors—in this case donating either their time or money to a charitable cause.

It would seem likely that people who believe in karma, as compared to those who do not, should be more influenced by charitable appeals to engage in acts of kindness, which would in how to a journal report Rugby School, turn stand them in good stead for karmic rewards. Thomas Kramer, associate professor of marketing. The results from the study showed the writing for scholarships London Academy, situation is more complex. When asked to donate their time to help other people, those who believe in karma responded more favorably than those who do not. However, the favorable response was lost when the focus of the charitable appeal was shifted from a benefit to others to a benefit to one’s self, indicating that people with karmic beliefs can be discouraged from donating if they perceive the motivation to be selfish. “These results challenge a common myth among marketers that consumers can be prompted to engage in Zuoz, charitable behaviors if they themselves benefit for for scholarships London Academy, doing the good deed, such as receiving awards or prizes. In essence, this commonly used marketing tool may not be effective in people with strong karmic beliefs,” Kramer said.

When asked to donate money, there were no differences in responses among people who believed in karma and those who did not, even when the focus of the charitable appeal was on helping others. Kramer said the how to for kids Wittenborg University of Applied, finding was interesting, because it could be argued that donating money helps people in essay writing International, need, and therefore should be rewarded with good karma in a similar way to a donation of time. “This may be because monetary donations do not represent the same level of personal effort and sacrifice as time donations, which interferes with the persuasive King’s Ely, consumer’s ability to essay for scholarships International Academy, make the social connections that would make them deserving of good karma” Kramer said. Kramer said professionals in non-profit marketing, as well as companies that form partnerships with charities for writings King’s Ely, marketing purposes, should consider these findings as they develop campaigns that aim to incentivize pro-social behaviors. “Ultimately, the likelihood that people with karmic beliefs will respond positively to a charitable appeal rests on whether they perceive the action as something that they can be legitimately rewarded for,” he said. Meet Our People – Tom Oliver, Juana Reyes, #038; Annie Le. All stories by Paulina Laroya.

In the quiet of the School of writing for scholarships London Medicine Education Building, the persistent ringtone of writing essay ACS Cobham Tom Oliver’s phone resonated down the hallway. Oliver excused himself, answered the call, flipped to an open page on his clipboard, and began making a last minute revision to the interview schedule of the faculty candidate who was visiting that day. The project coordinator in the School of essay writing Medicine’s Division of Biomedical Sciences has been a hard man to catch in recent weeks, as he and his colleagues have spent hundreds of writings Ely hours coordinating the essay for scholarships London International Academy, interview schedules for potential faculty members who hope to join the University of thinking web Lyceum California, Riverside as part of its cluster hiring initiative, which promises to essay writing for scholarships London International Academy, add 300 new faculty members to the campus over the next few years. The last-minute phone call was nothing new for Oliver, who has been heading up interviews for research clusters in neuroscience and healthy aging. He is Ely responsible for everything from coordinating candidate interviews and presentations to escorting the writing London International, candidates around campus once they arrive. “Tom has been simply transformative for thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, biomedical sciences,” said Monica J. Carson, Ph.D., professor and chair of biomedical sciences. “He is writing International Academy a bundle of energy, a breath of web Lyceum Zuoz fresh air, and good cheer. No matter how much you throw on top, he says, ‘not a problem, we’re going to writing for scholarships International, go for it’ — and it happens. I really don’t see how we could do anything without him at this point. He’s proactive, a problem solver, knows how to bring things up in a positive, proactive way so we can solve them.

He’s helping us to step up our game and ‘level up’ and I am glad he’s here.” While creating an how to write for kids University, agenda for a couple individuals may seem straightforward, the task can be extremely challenging when multiple candidates are scheduled in one week. Further complicating matters is the multidisciplinary aspect of the cluster hire process. Since the hires are affiliated with multiple academic departments, Oliver also must take their departmental needs and challenges into London Academy, account as well as have a good idea of the type of candidate that the search committee members are looking for. “The time it takes to set up an agenda varies, but it usually takes about two weeks,” he said. “Every day, I talk to one person, then adjust the itinerary, so the logistics don’t have one person going to the School of Medicine Research Building, then going across campus to the psychology building, then back to the research building. This would also mentally prepare the interviewer so they’re interviewing people from the same department at the same time and write for kids Wittenborg of Applied not jumping around if they’re being considered by London Academy multiple departments.” “Prior to School, their arrival, we handle the Academy, flight, shuttle, and how to write a good essay Glenlyon Norfolk School hotel through coordination with the Business Operations team,” Oliver said, adding that his co-worker, administrative assistant Lexie Timothy, also shoulders a great deal of the work. “Once they’re here, we handle all their meals, too.” “Lexi is handling more of the student aspect, and inviting the graduate students to the lunches and essay for scholarships London the candidates’ first talk. Then she retrieves evaluations of the speakers so the search committee can have not only faculty comments, but students’ comments, as well; having this input is priceless because these will be prospective professors.

So student interaction and watching the candidate present is thinking web Lyceum important,” he said. Once each candidate completes their visit, however, there’s still much to do. “After the visit we need to report the expenses,” he said. “The faculty give me all their receipts — keep in writing for scholarships London International Academy, mind, that’s about five meals per candidate, one individual expense report for each receipt, then each receipt has to be submitted on a single ticket.” The next cluster hire is BREATHE, which stands for Bridging Regional Ecology and Aerosolized Toxins to understand Health Effects. The cluster, headed by Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences David Lo, aims to develop multidisciplinary research projects to persuasive Ely, study the health impacts of air quality changes, such as those resulting from chronic drought, climate change, and resulting ecological change.

“We haven’t started yet,” Oliver said, “but they got the paperwork in writing for scholarships London, and Marisela Martinez and how to write report I will be heading that one next.” Oliver, Timothy, Martinez and many others like them across the campus are the unsung heroes of the cluster hire initiative — without them, little to none of this could happen. Despite the stress and the frantic energy, they are motivated by the importance of what they are doing for UCR. “There’s a lot of work that goes into this process,” said Oliver, “but there is a great feeling of satisfaction when a candidate’s visit goes well and we know that we treated them well, showing just how special a place UCR is.” Juana Reyes may have graduated from UC Riverside in 2012, but she has almost nine years of experience working at the university. Essay London International Academy. And throughout her career, first as a student assistant during her undergraduate career and later as a full-time financial and payroll analyst, she has not only witnessed the growth of the Zuoz, School of Medicine, but played an active role in London, its development. Reyes came to UCR from Oceanside, Calif. in 2007 and earned a degree in web Lyceum Alpinum, biological sciences with an eye towards a career in medicine. As a first year, she was in the Medical Scholars Program (MSP), a student pipeline program that prepares undergraduate students for health and biomedical research careers.

She didn’t know it at the time, but her involvement in MSP would lead her to where she is now. “I definitely appreciated the essay for scholarships International, support from key individuals like Teresa Cofield, Irene Velazquez, Rachell Enriquez, and Dean Neal Schiller, who motivated me and all the MSP members to be our best and pursue our goals,” Reyes said, adding that she was encouraged by an article for kids University these supporters to apply for the part-time student assistant position in biomedical sciences after her first year. Reyes said one of the writing for scholarships London Academy, highlights of writings King’s working at the School of Medicine is seeing the impact that she makes, which reminds her of her days as an undergraduate student where she felt like “everyone was on your team and wanted you to succeed.” “It’s interesting how the days have transformed from when I first started as a student assistant to now,” Reyes said. “I was helping out the unit with basics, and now, my primary focus is running data — looking at fund balances, reconciling funds, and problem-solving. Eight hours per day is just not enough.

But being able to help others is my favorite part of the job — whether I refer someone to the appropriate contact or figure out for scholarships London International Academy how to balance a financial transaction — it all is going to affect something or someone.” Reyes and her colleagues have faced challenges unique to the development of a new school, including having to create policies and procedures from scratch or adapting from those at similar institutions while adjusting existing processes to work more efficiently. Help School. All the while, Reyes found herself constantly challenged, making decisions crucial to the beginning stages of the School of Medicine. “We had to fail several times to come up with something that worked for all involved,” Reyes said. “For those situations, you find solace in the support that you get from writing everyone around you; it’s humbling to hear that your opinion and help Bromsgrove School suggestions matter.” Still, this adds to Reyes’ satisfaction of contributing to the foundations of school’s growth, which is one of the reasons she chose to join the School of for scholarships International Academy Medicine staff.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the mission,” Reyes said. “To be here and see the direct impact that the how to write essay Glenlyon Norfolk School, school is essay writing for scholarships London International having on the community is thrilling. I remember having a conversation with a high school teacher about how the how to write Wittenborg, opportunities offered to her students were encouraging because the School of Medicine is in their backyard.” “I’ve been a witness to the dedication that the staff, faculty, students, and community all have towards the School of Medicine’s mission and it’s just fantastic,” Reyes added. “I think it’s that kind of support that will ensure the school achieves greatness far beyond what can be measured.” Reyes said she plans on continuing her education in graduate school, something she has been preparing for by taking part-time classes after work for the past two years. And while she may eventually leave UCR, her sense of London belonging has never changed. “The reason I’ve thrived here — I think — is that others genuinely want you to thinking Zuoz, succeed, and they offer opportunities that will help someone shine,” she said. “Being able to see the growth and expansion of the School of Medicine is so fascinating; to be able to say that you’ve been here from the beginning is wonderful.” Medical student Annie Le (left) poses with Assistant Clinical Professor Maegen Dupper, M.D. Annie Le came to the UCR School of Medicine with a wealth of experiences already behind her. Upon graduating from UC San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in human biology and minors in history and health care-social issues, she continued her education with a master’s degree in public health (M.P.H.) at UCLA. Only a few years ago, Le was not as clear on essay writing for scholarships, her goals as she is now, but her experience as an involved student organizer was a major factor in shaping this driven and passionate individual. “When I started college, I didn’t know exactly what I what I wanted to study, but I knew my passion: to learn more about the world and the sources of inequity and strife, as well as to situate myself in all of this,” she said.

Inspired by writings King’s Ely her high school experience, when she was involved with Model United Nations, nonprofits, and student service groups, Le became heavily involved in London Academy, coordinating campaigns for social and environmental justice issues at UCSD. There, she served as the director of the Student Sustainability Collective and joined efforts with campus resource centers, student cooperatives, and progressive organizations. “Through these connections, I became involved with action around educational and economic disadvantage, environmental racism and writings climate change, healthcare access barriers, incarceration, police brutality, workers and immigrant rights, and essay writing for scholarships London Academy more broadly, structures of oppression,” Le said. “What was the most agitating to me was the influence of for kids Wittenborg University of Applied systemic harms on health outcomes and life chances. Essay London International. While maintaining involvement in organizing, I started to volunteer in clinics and hospitals to explore how medicine might be used in the service of social change.” This is where she first realized the values that she aims to embody in her work, a realization that led her to help on writing an essay School, create and pursue the path she is on essay writing for scholarships International Academy, now. “I formed a guiding belief that all people should enjoy fulfillment, flourishing, and freedom from undue burden,” Le said. “My belief is how to an article Wittenborg that there could be a better, more just world, and that I can contribute to essay writing for scholarships International, realizing it. I chose to seek both an M.P.H. and a medical degree to pursue this belief.” After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Le earned her M.P.H. with an emphasis in Community Health Sciences, learning to address health disparities in a way that now complements her studies at web Lyceum Alpinum, the UCR School of Medicine.

“I’ve been very excited to for scholarships London International Academy, see how transferable my public health skills are to the medical setting,” Le said. “I am now more prepared to assess patient and community health in context, communicate health information, design interventions, and thinking Alpinum Zuoz critically review literature for best practices.” To Le, her time at the School of essay International Medicine is not simply a classroom experience, but rather a major element in her goal to be a community-engaged primary care physician and a scholar activist. Her involvement as a health educator with the Prison Education Project and a volunteer at the Riverside and write a good Norfolk School San Bernardino Free Clinics have led her to witness the essay for scholarships, importance of a journal report Rugby School what she and essay writing London her peers aim to achieve. “For me, these opportunities have revealed the duty of how to nursing essay Norfolk School clinicians to acknowledge power dynamics and for scholarships London Academy our own blinders while seeking to learn about the life circumstances and barriers faced by our patients, and to affirm our patients’ dignity, assets, and right to health,” Le said. “One-on-one care has enriched my outlook on inequity because I am able to see how the broader social context manifests in personal narratives and experiences.” Le looks forward to practicing interdisciplinary, team-based, and patient-centered primary care and is already exploring these fields as co-president for the Family and Preventive Medicine Interest Group. She also plans to write a good nursing essay Norfolk School, be involved in community-based participatory research and essay writing grassroots organizing, overall channeling her career toward testing creative and collaborative solutions to improve conditions for marginalized communities. She currently directs research at the San Bernardino Free Clinic and will be conducting an environmental health assessment in South Los Angeles with Physicians for Social Responsibility – LA this summer. “I believe that my role as a healthcare provider does not stop at the clinical encounter,” said Le. “I must also advocate toward transforming the context that shapes my patients’ lives and health.”

Though Le’s determination can be largely attributed to writing, her experiences at UCSD and UCLA, her family’s influence helped make her who she is today. “My parents have always been driven by their sense of writing for scholarships London International Academy purpose, and Alpinum Zuoz as Vietnamese refugees, they have modeled actively participating in and caring for their community. And as the youngest of four, I learn so much about living passionately from my brother and for scholarships London Academy sisters, who are each medical professionals and artists.” Le’s passion and persistence shows in all she does while studying at persuasive, the School of essay writing London Academy Medicine. “I admit that I keep busy,” said Le, “but I absolutely love everything I’m doing.” “I am overjoyed to thinking web Lyceum, be at a medical school with a mission that is so aligned with my values; I am constantly grateful for the faculty, staff, my classmates, and London our community members. In applying to medical schools, I prioritized a supportive environment that would nurture my point of view,” Le said. “The UCR School of Medicine has more than delivered.”

At the School of how to a journal Medicine, Le has stood out essay London Academy as an how to write an article for kids Wittenborg University, enthusiastically involved student. From presenting at the American Public Health Association annual meeting and CSU Long Beach’s Emerging Scholars in Social Justice conference, to starring in a School of Medicine photo novel project promoting HIV testing and being awarded the for scholarships London International, Arnold P. Web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz. Gold Foundation Student Summer Fellowship, Le has indeed taken full advantage of the resources around her. “These experiences nourish my current passion: to be generous with my time and energy and to essay Academy, push boundaries as a lifelong learner, while overall contributing to realizing a more just and healthy world,” she said.

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12 Fake News Stories from the essay writing London Mainstream Media. 22 Nov, 2016 22 Nov, 2016. With all of the politically-charged talk about banning “fake news” sites, it seems appropriate to review some of the web Lyceum Zuoz worst fake news stories pushed by mainstream media outlets. No matter how large your family gathering is this Thanksgiving, you won’t be chowing down on writing London, a turkey as big as these phony stories from A-list television shows and publications. Walter Duranty and King’s Ely, the Holodomor: The mother of all fake news stories must be New York Times reporter Walter Duranty helping Stalin#8217;s Russia conceal the Holodomor from the world. Duranty helped the International communists cover up one of the worst crimes against humanity ever perpetrated, the forced starvation of over 1.5 million people in Ukraine between 1932 and 1933. A Journal Report Rugby School! This was the worst of many lies Duranty told in the service of essay London Soviet communism. Essay! His fake news helped sell communism to for scholarships London International Academy impressionable people around the world and a good essay Glenlyon Norfolk, changed the course of writing for scholarships London Academy history. How To Glenlyon Norfolk School! It#8217;s one of two fake news items on this list sanctified with a Pulitzer Prize, which has not been revoked despite strong calls to do so. (In essence, the Pulitzer committee insists Duranty deserves his prize for writing for scholarships London, everything he wrote that wasn#8217;t an outrageous lie.) The New York Times institutionally refuses to condemn Duranty or acknowledge the depths of his deception, portraying him as the victim of Stalin#8217;s #8220;powerful and omnipresent#8221; propaganda machine an excuse heard again from the mainstream media in other settings over essay School, the years, when they explain how they had to play ball with horrible dictatorships in order to gain access. CNN executive Eason Jordan#8217;s 2003 explanation for why his network concealed so much grisly news from Saddam Hussein#8217;s Iraq is International Academy a prime example.

Saturday Night Fever: Not many people realize that one of the most celebrated movies of the how to write a journal report Rugby School Seventies was based on essay writing London, a fake news story. Summary ACS Cobham International School! The script for Saturday Night Fever was supposedly a fictionalized account of essay Academy a real disco dancer’s life and times, but the author of the 1976 New York magazine story that launched the movie, Nik Cohn, eventually admitted he made it all up. Write A Good Nursing Norfolk School! Cohn claims that he did see someone similar to for scholarships London Academy the character John Travolta made famous at a disco in how to write a journal School, New York, but when he was unable to track the man down for an interview, he “conjured up the writing London International story” and “presented it as fact.” Given how popular the movie and Ely, disco culture became, this has to be counted as one of the most influential fake news stories. Janet Cooke#8217;s imaginary 8-year-old heroin addict: The fake news manufactured by Washington Post reporter Janet Cooke received a Pulitzer Prize, but unlike Duranty#8217;s, it was revoked after her deception was uncovered. In a meticulous 2016 account of Cooke#8217;s story, Mike Sager at essay for scholarships London Academy, the Columbia Journalism Review dubbed her #8220;the fabulist who changed journalism,#8221; and made a compelling case for her 1980 story about #8220;Jimmy#8217;s World#8221; as one of the first examples of #8220;viral#8221; journalism. The Post wanted a superstar young black female journalist, and write a journal report School, Cooke delivered with a searing story about an 8-year-old heroin addict in Washington, D.C. named Jimmy, a #8220;precious little boy#8221; who had #8220;needle marks freckling the baby-smooth skin of his thin, brown arms.#8221; The story was so widely repeated, so influential, that Mayor Marion Barry#8217;s administration began scouring the writing for scholarships London Academy city to rescue Jimmy from his hideous guardians. Help An Essay! They couldn#8217;t find the boy because he didn#8217;t exist.

Cooke made the whole thing up. (When city officials asked Cooke to tell them where they could find Jimmy, she refused, and International, the Washington Post invoked her First Amendment right to protect her sources.) The hoax was exposed when the Pulitzer board bent its rules to nudge Cooke#8217;s local-news story into the national-news category, eager to thinking web Lyceum bestow the very first Pulitzer Prize upon London Academy an African-American woman. Cooke submitted a resume to the Pulitzer board which included suspicious discrepancies from the help on writing an essay resume she gave to her former employers at writing London International Academy, the Toledo Blade . When her Washington Post editors questioned her about these discrepancies, she finally confessed, #8220;There is no Jimmy and no family. It was a fabrication. I want to give the prize back.#8221; Retrospectives on how to write a good essay Glenlyon, #8220;Jimmy#8217;s World#8221; routinely describe it as a pivotal moment when journalism changed forever#8230; except, as you#8217;ll see below, it didn#8217;t. Janet Cooke was just the first in a line of essay Academy superstar Big Media fabulists, and a journal Rugby, her successors were much worse than she was they fabricated more than one story, and they should have been easier to catch, given the electronic information resources available to writing International Academy their editors. Another common observation about #8220;Jimmy#8217;s World#8221; is that it slipped past the fact-checking and how to write a good Norfolk, editorial layers of writing for scholarships a major publication because everyone wanted to believe it.

Cooke was given not just credit, but credibility for how to write nursing essay Glenlyon, meaning well. The mainstream media keeps making that mistake, with both its own reporters and the political figures it covers. Dateline NBC rigs a truck to explode: In 1993, NBC News delivered a historic public apology for staging the test crash of for scholarships a General Motors pickup truck for the Dateline NBC program. The reporters wanted to write a journal report Rugby School demonstrate that gas could leak from the truck’s fuel tank and cause a dangerous fire after a crash, so they rigged it with explosives. “We deeply regret we included the inappropriate demonstration in our #8216;Dateline#8217; report. International Academy! We apologize to our viewers and to General Motors. Thinking Alpinum Zuoz! We have also concluded that unscientific demonstrations should have no place in hard news stories at NBC. That#8217;s our new policy,” the statement declared, leading viewers with some unresolved questions about why it wasn’t their old policy, too. Dateline NBC was far from the for scholarships London only example of dubious product-safety reporting. It wasn’t even the first time a vehicle was rigged to explode for a major network consumer report. Help An Essay! Stephen Glass: The enduring icon of fake news is writing for scholarships London International Academy Stephen Glass, whose fall from grace was chronicled in a major motion picture, Shattered Glass . The truth caught up with him in 1998, when it was discovered a great deal of the content he produced for The New Republic and nursing, other publications was wholly or partially falsified. In recent times, Glass has revealed that he repaid The New Republic, Rolling Stone, and writing for scholarships London Academy, Policy Review at least $200,000 for over forty fabricated stories.

There has been considerable soul-searching over writing School, the years about essay writing for scholarships International, why Glass was able to fool so many editors for Zuoz, so long. Essay For Scholarships London Academy! The story that brought him down was such a ridiculous fraud a piece about nursing essay Norfolk, a major software firm supposedly hiring a teenage hacker who penetrated its payroll system, in which virtually every detail was invented, including the non-existent software company that it became obvious no one was editing or fact-checking Glass in any meaningful way. Some speculated Glass fooled so many editors because he had “wonder boy” star power and essay Academy, great personal charisma. Others thought it was because he understood and flattered the essay International School biases and expectations of the publications he worked for he sold them stories they wanted to publish, surfing the essay for scholarships early wave of thinking Zuoz “narrative” obsession that has completely consumed mainstream journalism over London International Academy, the past two decades. Glass invented people, organizations, and events that lived down to his publishers’ darkest expectations of how to write every social group and for scholarships Academy, profession except their own. He was so productive, and so good at fabricating “evidence” to back up his claims, that it simply didn’t occur to his marks that he might be faking so much of his work. (A fascinating 1998 Vanity Fair account of Glass’ downfall noted that he instantly whipped up a phony website for the software company he invented for his final phony article, and an essay Bromsgrove School, drafted his brother to leave phone voice mails in the role of an imaginary company executive, when he learned fact-checkers were digging into the story.) Why generate fraudulent stories when honest reporting would have been less work? Those are blind spots that broadly affect news consumers, and producers, to this day.

Detail implies veracity, we incorrectly assume that only lazy writers would fabricate stories, and too many stories are “too good to for scholarships check.” Jayson Blair: New York Times reporter Jayson Blair was investigated by his newspaper in 2003 and writings, accused of inventing numerous reports . He was especially prone to inventing news reports supposedly filed from other cities, while he was in fact working from his apartment in Brooklyn. However, the scandal that ultimately prompted his resignation involved accusations of plagiarism in essay Academy, a story he filed about the family of a soldier missing in Iraq. The NYT conceded that Blair’s career of how to essay fabulism was a “profound betrayal of trust, and a low point in the 152-year history of the newspaper.” Tough questions were asked about essay for scholarships Academy, how the paper missed so many obvious signs of Blair’s mendacity, including the troubling detail that he never filed travel expenses for all the cities he was supposedly visiting. As with Glass, it seemed as if Blair only got caught because he was trying to get caught, pushing the boundaries of trust until his deceptions could no longer be ignored and writings King’s Ely, even then, it was accusations of deception and plagiarism from other news outlets that brought him down, even though the New York Times knew his work was problematic, and he had already been given several warnings. Writing London Academy! (And, of course, everyone involved should have remembered the story of Stephen Glass, which was only five years old at the time.) The Times’ internal investigation concluded Blair’s deceit was able to continue for so long due to “a failure of communication among senior editors; few complaints from the subjects of his articles; his savviness and his ingenious ways of a good essay covering his tracks,” and most importantly, the fact that “no one saw his carelessness as a sign that he was capable of systematic fraud.” The latter judgment seems unfair to the editors who did see signs of London International Academy systematic fraud, but were unable to how to nursing essay Glenlyon Norfolk School get Blair terminated before his work led to one of the biggest scandals in the newspaper’s history. Other post-mortems of the Blair affair put more blame on top management for creating a toxic environment where editors were afraid to voice serious concerns. Blair resurfaced recently with an op-ed chastising the media for… failing to fact-check Donald Trump aggressively enough during the 2016 presidential campaign. Rathergate: The pivotal scandal of the New Media era was the essay writing International Academy pitiful end of Dan Rather’s career at CBS News a debacle so devastating to legacy media that liberals still try to rewrite its history , every time they think nobody’s looking.

Rather and his producer Mary Mapes tried to throw the 2004 election (and, in the minds of the strongest critics , America’s war effort in Iraq) with a phony story about George W. Bush’s Air National Guard service, complete with falsified documents from the write a journal report 1960s that were demonstrably generated using 2004-era word processing software. Writing For Scholarships Academy! Rathergate was a tremendous blow to the credibility of CBS News, which generated a fresh tidal wave of fake news stories to writing School protect Rather after his report on Bush was detonated by bloggers. Writing For Scholarships London Academy! The cover-up was bigger than the original crime, and the original crime against journalism was shocking, because even the writing summary essay ACS Cobham International CBS internal investigation which many critics found redolent of essay International Academy whitewash found that several production and management people allowed the story to thinking Zuoz air, even though they knew the documents could not be authenticated. The Rathergate disaster gave us one of the most enduring phrases for discussions of media bias: “ fake, but accurate .” There were some spirited arguments in 2004 and 2005 about whether falsified reporting was acceptable, provided the story held Deeper Truth. The proto-Tea Party gun scare: There was a lot of fake reporting surrounding the Tea Party movement. One of the most memorable examples was MSNBC breathlessly warning about “white people showing up with guns” at the 2009 health care reform rallies that were precursors to essay writing for scholarships London International the Tea Party. The segment included a great deal of summary essay ACS Cobham International School hyperventilation about the alleged anger of white people over “a black person being president,” and the commensurate rise of “hate groups.” MSNBC illustrated its claim with footage of an armed man at a rally after President Obama’s speech to the VFW in Phoenix, Arizona. The footage was edited to conceal that the man was, in essay for scholarships London International Academy, fact, black. Alpinum! Oceans of ink were spilled over the following years about how the health care protesters, and later the writing for scholarships London International Academy Tea Party, were dangerous. Assertions about armed racists stalking the fringes of the write a journal Rugby movement were a common element of this caricature.

George Zimmerman’s edited 911 call: The media was very interested in keeping the essay writing International Academy George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin story hot, fresh, and outrageous, eagerly stirring a bubbling pot of racial paranoia for political and ratings reasons. Writing ACS Cobham International! A great deal of the essay writing for scholarships Academy early reporting about the Trayvon Martin shooting could be classified as “fake news.” Who can forget the widely circulated images of Martin as a baby-faced child, even though reporters knew that wasn’t what he looked like at the time of his death? The nadir of fake news in the Zimmerman-Martin story was reached when NBC News deliberately, maliciously edited a recording of the call Zimmerman placed to 911 on the night of the February 2012 shooting, to make it sound as if Zimmerman was obsessed with Martin’s race. NBC reporters even tried to on writing an essay Bromsgrove convince viewers Zimmerman used a racial epthet. The adventures of Brian Williams: Brian Williams’ anchorman career at NBC News came to an end in 2015 after he was accused of lying about essay for scholarships International, taking enemy fire while helicoptering into web Lyceum Alpinum, Iraq in essay writing for scholarships, 2003. The accusation came from soldiers who were aboard the helicopter. Williams told the story repeatedly, over a span of years, before he was called out. NBC executives recalled having a great deal of difficulty getting Williams to admit he lied, and writing summary School, offer an unqualified apology. Amazingly, Williams still has a career in essay writing for scholarships Academy, broadcast journalism.

The Rolling Stone rape hoax: The biggest recent fake news story is the appalling Rolling Stone rape hoax, which led to a successful defamation suit against the magazine, its publisher, and thinking, reporter Sabrina Erdely by an administrator at the University of writing International Academy Virginia. Erdely claims she was deceived by the subject of persuasive writings King’s her story, a young woman known as “Jackie” who claimed to have been gang-raped by a University of essay writing for scholarships London Academy Virginia fraternity. Attorneys for U-Va. administrator Nicole Eramo argued that Erdely and thinking Alpinum Zuoz, Rolling Stone pushed ahead with the story even though it had numerous inconsistencies that could not be resolved, and none of the for scholarships crucial details could be corroborated. Critics saw the Rolling Stone saga as a paramount example of media narrative obsession run amok, a story the magazine wanted to be true so much that they ignored substantial evidence it wasn’t. Those critics also point to the vitriolic response leveled at anyone who correctly questioned the story after it was published. An Article For Kids Of Applied Sciences! The campus rape epidemic was a story the media and its favorite politicians were very interested in covering; the presumptive victim was given endless benefit of the doubt, while the accused fraternity and its administrative enablers were granted none.

Another interesting aspect of the Rolling Stone hoax is the writing London International Academy way details were accepted as evidence of veracity . Just as Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair made their fake stories look plausible by peppering them with plenty of little details, so Jackie impressed Erdely and how to a good Glenlyon, her magazine’s fact-checkers by providing highly detailed answers to their questions. The fact that none of those details could actually be confirmed did nothing to derail the Fake News Express. The “fake news” freakout: The story about a professor creating an authoritative list of for scholarships International Academy “fake news” websites, as widely reported across the mainstream media, was itself a fake news story. The creator of the list was a madcap left-wing activist who compiled it on a whim, not through any sort of on writing an essay School rigorously-vetted academic process. Writing For Scholarships! When the list of fake news sites came under sustained criticism, it was removed from the Internet, long after generating a raft of how to essay Glenlyon School stories on top news websites and TV shows. As with many of the other stories above, the fake-news-site list received huge MSM coverage because it dovetailed with a Democrat political initiative President Obama is personally involved and writing London Academy, it flattered both the ideological preferences and business interests of Big Media. Furthermore, as Brian Feldman at New York Magazine points out, the much-hyped factoid about excessive #8220;engagement#8221; with fake election news stories is write for kids Wittenborg University more like anecdotal evidence than hard data, overstates the actual readership of the fake stories, understates the reach of traditional news sources, and mines a great deal of alarm out of essay International Facebook#8217;s tendency to give opaque answers to questions about its algorithms. Feldman suggests it would be more appropriate to view the engagement data #8220;holistically#8221; than as evidence that #8220;fake news is rampant#8221; and how to write report Rugby School, further proof that Facebook itself is a #8220;black box#8221; understood imperfectly by writing International Academy everyone outside the company#8230; but that#8217;s not nearly sensationalistic enough for write nursing essay Glenlyon School, Big Media, or damning enough to launch a thousand Hot Take editorials about the dangers of fake news swaying elections, is writing London Academy it?

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copy essay respect A conversation with Aldous Huxley not infrequently put one at the receiving end of an unforgettable monologue. About a year before his lamented death he was discoursing on a favorite topic: Man's unnatural treatment of nature and its sad results. To illustrate his point he told how, during the previous summer, he had returned to a little valley in England where he had spent many happy months as a child. Once it had been composed of delightful grassy glades; now it was becoming overgrown with unsightly brush because the essay writing for scholarships, rabbits that formerly kept such growth under control had largely succumbed to a disease, myxomatosis, that was deliberately introduced by the local farmers to reduce the rabbits' destruction of crops. Being something of a Philistine, I could be silent no longer, even in the interests of thinking great rhetoric. For Scholarships. I interrupted to point out that the rabbit itself had been brought as a domestic animal to report, England in 1176, presumably to improve the protein diet of the essay writing Academy, peasantry. All forms of life modify their contexts. The most spectacular and benign instance is doubtless the coral polyp. A Journal Rugby. By serving its own ends, it has created a vast undersea world favorable to thousands of other kinds of animals and plants. Essay London. Ever since man became a numerous species he has affected his environment notably.

The hypothesis that his fire-drive method of hunting created the how to write a good essay Glenlyon Norfolk School, world's great grasslands and helped to for scholarships London International, exterminate the monster mammals of the Pleistocene from much of the summary ACS Cobham School, globe is plausible, if not proved. For 6 millennia at least, the banks of the lower Nile have been a human artifact rather than the swampy African jungle which nature, apart from man, would have made it. The Aswan Dam, flooding 5000 square miles, is essay writing for scholarships London Academy only the latest stage in a long process. In many regions terracing or irrigation, overgrazing, the cutting of forests by Romans to build ships to fight Carthaginians or by Crusaders to solve the logistics problems of their expeditions, have profoundly changed some ecologies. Observation that the French landscape falls into two basic types, the open fields of the north and persuasive writings King’s Ely the bocage of the south and west, inspired Marc Bloch to undertake his classic study of medieval agricultural methods. Quite unintentionally, changes in human ways often affect nonhuman nature. It has been noted, for example, that the advent of the automobile eliminated huge flocks of sparrows that once fed on the horse manure littering every street. The history of ecologic change is International Academy still so rudimentary that we know little about what really happened, or what the results were.

The extinction of the European aurochs as late as 1627 would seem to have been a simple case of overenthusiastic hunting. On more intricate matters it often is impossible to thinking web Lyceum Alpinum, find solid information. For a thousand years or more the essay writing for scholarships International, Frisians and how to a good nursing essay Glenlyon School Hollanders have been pushing back the North Sea, and writing International Academy the process is a journal Rugby culminating in our own time in the reclamation of the Zuider Zee. Essay Writing London Academy. What, if any, species of animals, birds, fish, shore life, or plants have died out in the process? In their epic combat with Neptune have the Netherlanders overlooked ecological values in such a way that the quality of human life in the Netherlands has suffered? I cannot discover that the questions have ever been asked, much less answered. People, then, have often been a dynamic element in their own environment, but in the present state of historical scholarship we usually do not know exactly when, where, or with what effects man-induced changes came. As we enter the last third of the 20th century, however, concern for the problem of ecologic backlash is mounting feverishly. Natural science, conceived as the effort to a journal report Rugby, understand the nature of things, had flourished in several eras and among several peoples.

Similarly there had been an age-old accumulation of Academy technological skills, sometimes growing rapidly, sometimes slowly. But it was not until about essay ACS Cobham, four generations ago that Western Europe and North America arranged a marriage between science and technology, a union of the writing for scholarships London, theoretical and the empirical approaches to our natural environment. The emergence in persuasive writings Ely, widespread practice of the Baconian creed that scientific knowledge means technological power over nature can scarcely be dated before about 1850, save in the chemical industries, where it is essay writing London International anticipated in the 18th century. Its acceptance as a normal pattern of action may mark the write a good nursing essay, greatest event in for scholarships International Academy, human history since the invention of agriculture, and perhaps in nonhuman terrestrial history as well. Almost at once the new situation forced the crystallization of the novel concept of ecology; indeed, the word ecology first appeared in thinking web Lyceum Alpinum, the English language in 1873. Today, less than a century later, the impact of our race upon the environment has so increased in force that it has changed in essence. When the first cannons were fired, in the early 14th century, they affected ecology by sending workers scrambling to the forests and mountains for more potash, sulphur, iron ore, and for scholarships charcoal, with some resulting erosion and deforestation. Hydrogen bombs are of a different order: a war fought with them might alter the genetics of all life on this planet. By 1285 London had a smog problem arising from the burning of soft coal, but our present combustion of fossil fuels threatens to School, change the chemistry of the globe's atmosphere as a whole, with consequences which we are only beginning to guess.

With the population explosion, the carcinoma of planless urbanism, the now geological deposits of sewage and garbage, surely no creature other than man has ever managed to foul its nest in such short order. There are many calls to essay writing for scholarships London Academy, action, but specific proposals, however worthy as individual items, seem too partial, palliative, negative: ban the bomb, tear down the billboards, give the Hindus contraceptives and Zuoz tell them to essay for scholarships London International, eat their sacred cows. The simplest solution to any suspect change is, of course, to stop it, or better yet, to how to a good essay School, revert to a romanticized past: make those ugly gasoline stations look like Anne Hathaway's cottage or (in the Far West) like ghost-town saloons. Essay Writing For Scholarships London Academy. The wilderness area mentality invariably advocates deep-freezing an a journal report School, ecology, whether San Gimignano or the High Sierra, as it was before the first Kleenex was dropped. But neither atavism nor prettification will cope with the essay, ecologic crisis of our time. What shall we do? No one yet knows. Unless we think about an essay Bromsgrove, fundamentals, our specific measures may produce new backlashes more serious than those they are designed to remedy. As a beginning we should try to clarify our thinking by essay for scholarships International, looking, in some historical depth, at how to a journal School the presuppositions that underlie modern technology and science. Science was traditionally aristocratic, speculative, intellectual in intent; technology was lower-class, empirical, action-oriented.

The quite sudden fusion of these two, towards the middle of the 19th century, is surely related to the slightly prior and contemporary democratic revolutions which, by reducing social barriers, tended to assert a functional unity of brain and hand. Writing For Scholarships International. Our ecologic crisis is the product of an emerging, entirely novel, democratic culture. The issue is whether a democratized world can survive its own implications. Presumably we cannot unless we rethink our axioms. The Western Traditions of writing summary International Technology and London Science.

One thing is an article for kids Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences so certain that it seems stupid to verbalize it: both modern technology and modern science are distinctively Occidental. Our technology has absorbed elements from all over the world, notably from China; yet everywhere today, whether in Japan or in Nigeria, successful technology is Western. Our science is the heir to all the sciences of the past, especially perhaps to the work of the great Islamic scientists of the Middle Ages, who so often outdid the ancient Greeks in skill and perspicacity: al-Razi in medicine, for example; or ibn-al-Haytham in optics; or Omar Khayyam in essay London Academy, mathematics. Indeed, not a few works of such geniuses seem to have vanished in the original Arabic and to survive only in medieval Latin translations that helped to persuasive King’s Ely, lay the foundations for later Western developments. Today, around the globe, all significant science is Western in style and method, whatever the pigmentation or language of the scientists. A second pair of facts is less well recognized because they result from quite recent historical scholarship. The leadership of the West, both in technology and in science, is essay writing International Academy far older than the web Lyceum Zuoz, so-called Scientific Revolution of the 17th century or the so-called Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. These terms are in fact outmoded and obscure the true nature of what they try to describe--significant stages in two long and separate developments. By A.D. 1000 at the latest--and perhaps, feebly, as much as 200 years earlier--the West began to apply water power to industrial processes other than milling grain.

This was followed in the late 12th century by essay writing Academy, the harnessing of how to write nursing Norfolk wind power. From simple beginnings, but with remarkable consistency of style, the West rapidly expanded its skills in the development of power machinery, labor-saving devices, and automation. Writing For Scholarships London Academy. Those who doubt should contemplate that most monumental achievement in the history of automation: the weight-driven mechanical clock, which appeared in two forms in the early 14th century. Not in craftsmanship but in basic technological capacity, the Latin West of the later Middle Ages far outstripped its elaborate, sophisticated, and esthetically magnificent sister cultures, Byzantium and how to Rugby Islam. In 1444 a great Greek ecclesiastic, Bessarion, who had gone to Italy, wrote a letter to a prince in Greece. For Scholarships London. He is amazed by the superiority of Western ships, arms, textiles, glass. But above all he is writings King’s Ely astonished by London International, the spectacle of waterwheels sawing timbers and pumping the how to write a good essay Glenlyon, bellows of blast furnaces.

Clearly, he had seen nothing of the sort in the Near East. By the essay writing London International Academy, end of the 15th century the technological superiority of how to write a good nursing essay Norfolk School Europe was such that its small, mutually hostile nations could spill out over all the rest of the world, conquering, looting, and colonizing. The symbol of this technological superiority is the fact that Portugal, one of the weakest states of the Occident, was able to become, and to remain for a century, mistress of the East Indies. And we must remember that the technology of writing International Vasco da Gama and Albuquerque was built by pure empiricism, drawing remarkably little support or inspiration from science. In the present-day vernacular understanding, modern science is supposed to have begun in 1543, when both Copernicus and how to report Vesalius published their great works. It is no derogation of their accomplishments, however, to point out that such structures as the Fabrica and the De revolutionibus do not appear overnight. The distinctive Western tradition of science, in fact, began in the late 11th century with a massive movement of translation of Arabic and Greek scientific works into Latin.

A few notable books-- Theophrastus, for example--escaped the West's avid new appetite for science, but within less than 200 years effectively the entire corpus of Greek and Muslim science was available in Latin, and was being eagerly read and criticized in the new European universities. Out of criticism arose new observation, speculation, and increasing distrust of ancient authorities. By the late 13th century Europe had seized global scientific leadership from the faltering hands of for scholarships International Islam. Nursing Essay School. It would be as absurd to deny the profound originality of Newton, Galileo, or Copernicus as to deny that of the 14th century scholastic scientists like Buridan or Oresme on essay for scholarships London International Academy, whose work they built. Before the 11th century, science scarcely existed in the Latin West, even in Roman times.

From the how to, 11th century onward, the scientific sector of Occidental culture has increased in a steady crescendo. Since both our technological and our scientific movements got their start, acquired their character, and achieved world dominance in the Middle Ages, it would seem that we cannot understand their nature or their present impact upon ecology without examining fundamental medieval assumptions and for scholarships International Academy developments. Medieval View of writing International Man and essay writing International Academy Nature. Until recently, agriculture has been the chief occupation even in advanced societies; hence, any change in methods of tillage has much importance. Early plows, drawn by two oxen, did not normally turn the sod but merely scratched it. Thus, cross- plowing was needed and fields tended to be squarish. In the fairly light soils and Alpinum Zuoz semiarid climates of the Near East and Mediterranean, this worked well. But such a plow was inappropriate to the wet climate and often sticky soils of northern Europe.

By the latter part of the 7th century after Christ, however, following obscure beginnings, certain northern peasants were using an entirely new kind of writing for scholarships London International plow, equipped with a vertical knife to cut the line of the furrow, a horizontal share to slice under the sod, and a moldboard to turn it over. On Writing Bromsgrove. The friction of this plow with the essay International, soil was so great that it normally required not two but eight oxen. It attacked the how to a good nursing Glenlyon School, land with such violence that cross-plowing was not needed, and fields tended to be shaped in long strips. In the days of the scratch-plow, fields were distributed generally in units capable of supporting a single family. Subsistence farming was the presupposition. But no peasant owned eight oxen: to use the essay writing for scholarships London International Academy, new and more efficient plow, peasants pooled their oxen to on writing Bromsgrove, form large plow-teams, originally receiving (it would appear) plowed strips in proportion to their contribution. Thus, distribution of land was based no longer on the needs of for scholarships London International a family but, rather, on the capacity of a power machine to till the earth. Man's relation to the soil was profoundly changed. Formerly man had been part of nature; now he was the exploiter of how to a journal Rugby nature.

Nowhere else in the world did farmers develop any analogous agricultural implement. Is it coincidence that modern technology, with its ruthlessness toward nature, has so largely been produced by descendants of these peasants of northern Europe? This same exploitive attitude appears slightly before A.D. 830 in Western illustrated calendars. Essay London International Academy. In older calendars the months were shown as passive personifications. The new Frankish calendars, which set the style for the Middle Ages, are very different: they show men coercing the world around them--plowing, harvesting, chopping trees, butchering pigs. Man and nature are two things, and man is master. These novelties seem to be in harmony with larger intellectual patterns. What people do about help on writing an essay School, their ecology depends on what they think about themselves in essay London International Academy, relation to things around them. Human ecology is deeply conditioned by beliefs about our nature and destiny--that is, by summary essay ACS Cobham International, religion. To Western eyes this is very evident in, say, India or Ceylon.

It is equally true of ourselves and of our medieval ancestors. The victory of writing for scholarships International Academy Christianity over paganism was the greatest psychic revolution in the history of our culture. It has become fashionable today to say that, for better or worse, we live in the post-Christian age. Certainly the forms of our thinking and language have largely ceased to be Christian, but to my eye the substance often remains amazingly akin to thinking web Lyceum Zuoz, that of the essay London International Academy, past. Help On Writing. Our daily habits of action, for example, are dominated by an implicit faith in perpetual progress which was unknown either to writing International Academy, Greco- Roman antiquity or to writing summary essay ACS Cobham International School, the Orient. It is rooted in, and is indefensible apart from, Judeo- Christian theology. Essay Writing London Academy. The fact that Communists share it merely helps to show what can be demonstrated on many other grounds: that Marxism, like Islam, is a Judeo-Christian heresy. We continue today to live, as we have lived for about 1700 years, very largely in a context of Christian axioms. What did Christianity tell people about their relations with the environment? While many of the world's mythologies provide stories of creation, Greco-Roman mythology was singularly incoherent in this respect.

Like Aristotle, the intellectuals of the ancient West denied that the web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, visible world had a beginning. Indeed, the idea of a beginning was impossible in writing for scholarships International Academy, the framework of their cyclical notion of time. In sharp contrast, Christianity inherited from Judaism not only a concept of time as nonrepetitive and linear but also a striking story of creation. By gradual stages a loving and all- powerful God had created light and darkness, the heavenly bodies, the earth and all its plants, animals, birds, and fishes. Finally, God had created Adam and, as an afterthought, Eve to keep man from being lonely. Man named all the animals, thus establishing his dominance over them. How To Report Rugby School. God planned all of this explicitly for man's benefit and rule: no item in for scholarships International Academy, the physical creation had any purpose save to serve man's purposes. Thinking Alpinum Zuoz. And, although man's body is made of clay, he is not simply part of nature: he is made in writing for scholarships International, God's image.

Especially in its Western form, Christianity is the most anthropocentric religion the world has seen. Persuasive. As early as the 2nd century both Tertullian and Saint Irenaeus of Lyons were insisting that when God shaped Adam he was foreshadowing the image of the incarnate Christ, the Second Adam. Man shares, in great measure, God's transcendence of essay writing for scholarships nature. Christianity, in absolute contrast to ancient paganism and Asia's religions (except, perhaps, Zorastrianism), not only established a dualism of man and web Lyceum Zuoz nature but also insisted that it is God's will that man exploit nature for his proper ends. At the level of the common people this worked out in an interesting way. In Antiquity every tree, every spring, every stream, every hill had its own genius loci, its guardian spirit. These spirits were accessible to men, but were very unlike men; centaurs, fauns, and mermaids show their ambivalence. Before one cut a tree, mined a mountain, or dammed a brook, it was important to placate the essay writing London Academy, spirit in charge of that particular situation, and to keep it placated. By destroying pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects. It is often said that for Alpinum, animism the Church substituted the cult of saints. True; but the cult of saints is functionally quite different from animism.

The saint is not in natural objects; he may have special shrines, but his citizenship is in heaven. Moreover, a saint is entirely a man; he can be approached in for scholarships London International Academy, human terms. In addition to saints, Christianity of on writing Bromsgrove course also had angels and essay writing for scholarships Academy demons inherited from Judaism and perhaps, at writing summary one remove, from Zorastrianism. But these were all as mobile as the saints themselves. The spirits in for scholarships London Academy, natural objects, which formerly had protected nature from web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz man, evaporated. Man's effective monopoly on spirit in for scholarships Academy, this world was confirmed, and the old inhibitions to the exploitation of nature crumbled. When one speaks in such sweeping terms, a note of caution is in order. Christianity is persuasive Ely a complex faith, and its consequences differ in differing contexts. What I have said may well apply to Academy, the medieval West, where in fact technology made spectacular advances. But the Greek East, a highly civilized realm of equal Christian devotion, seems to have produced no marked technological innovation after the late 7th century, when Greek fire was invented. Summary Essay ACS Cobham International. The key to the contrast may perhaps be found in a difference in the tonality of piety and thought which students of comparative theology find between the essay for scholarships, Greek and Zuoz the Latin Churches.

The Greeks believed that sin was intellectual blindness, and that salvation was found in illumination, orthodoxy--that is, clear thinking. The Latins, on the other hand, felt that sin was moral evil, and essay writing for scholarships Academy that salvation was to be found in right conduct. Eastern theology has been intellectualist. Western theology has been voluntarist. For Kids University Of Applied. The Greek saint contemplates; the Western saint acts. The implications of Christianity for essay writing for scholarships, the conquest of nature would emerge more easily in summary essay ACS Cobham School, the Western atmosphere. The Christian dogma of creation, which is found in the first clause of essay for scholarships International all the Creeds, has another meaning for our comprehension of today's ecologic crisis. By revelation, God had given man the how to write for kids Wittenborg, Bible, the Book of for scholarships Academy Scripture. But since God had made nature, nature also must reveal the divine mentality.

The religious study of nature for the better understanding of God was known as natural theology. In the early Church, and write a good nursing Glenlyon Norfolk always in the Greek East, nature was conceived primarily as a symbolic system through which God speaks to men: the ant is a sermon to sluggards; rising flames are the symbol of the soul's aspiration. Essay Writing London International. The view of nature was essentially artistic rather than scientific. A Good Nursing Glenlyon School. While Byzantium preserved and copied great numbers of ancient Greek scientific texts, science as we conceive it could scarcely flourish in such an essay International Academy, ambience. However, in the Latin West by the early 13th century natural theology was following a very different bent. It was ceasing to be the decoding of the physical symbols of God's communication with man and web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz was becoming the effort to understand God's mind by discovering how his creation operates. The rainbow was no longer simply a symbol of hope first sent to essay writing for scholarships Academy, Noah after the Deluge: Robert Grosseteste, Friar Roger Bacon, and Theodoric of Freiberg produced startlingly sophisticated work on the optics of the rainbow, but they did it as a venture in religious understanding. From the 13th century onward, up to and including Leitnitz and Newton, every major scientist, in effect, explained his motivations in religious terms. Indeed, if Galileo had not been so expert an amateur theologian he would have got into far less trouble: the professionals resented his intrusion.

And Newton seems to have regarded himself more as a theologian than as a scientist. It was not until the late 18th century that the writing, hypothesis of God became unnecessary to many scientists. It is often hard for the historian to judge, when men explain why they are doing what they want to do, whether they are offering real reasons or merely culturally acceptable reasons. The consistency with which scientists during the essay for scholarships London International, long formative centuries of Western science said that the task and the reward of the scientist was to think God's thoughts after him leads one to summary International School, believe that this was their real motivation. If so, then modern Western science was cast in a matrix of Christian theology. The dynamism of essay writing for scholarships Academy religious devotion shaped by the Judeo-Christian dogma of creation, gave it impetus. An Alternative Christian View. We would seem to be headed toward conclusions unpalatable to many Christians. Since both science and technology are blessed words in our contemporary vocabulary, some may be happy at the notions, first, that viewed historically, modern science is an extrapolation of natural theology and, second, that modern technology is at least partly to web Lyceum Zuoz, be explained as an Occidental, voluntarist realization of the Christian dogma of man's transcendence of, and essay for scholarships rightful master over, nature.

But, as we now recognize, somewhat over a century ago science and technology--hitherto quite separate activities--joined to give mankind powers which, to judge by many of the ecologic effects, are out of control. If so, Christianity bears a huge burden of guilt. I personally doubt that disastrous ecologic backlash can be avoided simply by applying to our problems more science and help on writing an essay Bromsgrove School more technology. Our science and technology have grown out of Christian attitudes toward man's relation to nature which are almost universally held not only by Christians and neo-Christians but also by those who fondly regard themselves as post-Christians. London International Academy. Despite Copernicus, all the cosmos rotates around our little globe. Despite Darwin, we are not, in our hearts, part of the natural process. A Good Nursing Essay Glenlyon Norfolk. We are superior to nature, contemptuous of it, willing to writing for scholarships London International Academy, use it for our slightest whim. The newly elected Governor of California, like myself a churchman but less troubled than I, spoke for the Christian tradition when he said (as is alleged), when you've seen one redwood tree, you've seen them all. To a Christian a tree can be no more than a physical fact. Writing Summary Essay International School. The whole concept of the sacred grove is alien to Christianity and to the ethos of the West.

For nearly 2 millennia Christian missionaries have been chopping down sacred groves, which are idolatrous because they assume spirit in nature. What we do about ecology depends on our ideas of the essay for scholarships London International Academy, man-nature relationship. More science and more technology are not going to get us out of the thinking web Lyceum Alpinum, present ecologic crisis until we find a new religion, or rethink our old one. The beatniks, who are the basic revolutionaries of our time, show a sound instinct in their affinity for Zen Buddhism, which conceives of the man-nature relationship as very nearly the writing for scholarships London International Academy, mirror image of the Christian view. Zen, however, is as deeply conditioned by Asian history as Christianity is by the experience of the thinking web Lyceum Alpinum, West, and I am dubious of its viability among us. Possibly we should ponder the greatest radical in Christian history since Christ: Saint Francis of Assisi. Essay Writing London International Academy. The prime miracle of Saint Francis is the fact that he did not end at the stake, as many of summary International his left-wing followers did. He was so clearly heretical that a General of the essay for scholarships London International, Franciscan Order, Saint Bonavlentura, a great and perceptive Christian, tried to suppress the early accounts of persuasive King’s Franciscanism. The key to an understanding of Francis is his belief in the virtue of humility--not merely for the individual but for man as a species.

Francis tried to depose man from his monarchy over creation and writing London set up a democracy of all God's creatures. With him the ant is no longer simply a homily for the lazy, flames a sign of the thrust of the soul toward union with God; now they are Brother Ant and Sister Fire, praising the Creator in their own ways as Brother Man does in his. Later commentators have said that Francis preached to write University of Applied, the birds as a rebuke to men who would not listen. Writing London International Academy. The records do not read so: he urged the little birds to persuasive writings King’s Ely, praise God, and in writing for scholarships London, spiritual ecstasy they flapped their wings and chirped rejoicing. Legends of how to write Glenlyon saints, especially the Irish saints, had long told of their dealings with animals but always, I believe, to show their human dominance over creatures. With Francis it is for scholarships London Academy different. Help An Essay Bromsgrove School. The land around Gubbio in essay writing London Academy, the Apennines was ravaged by a fierce wolf. Saint Francis, says the legend, talked to the wolf and persuaded him of the error of his ways. The wolf repented, died in the odor of sanctity, and was buried in consecrated ground. What Sir Steven Ruciman calls the Franciscan doctrine of the animal soul was quickly stamped out.

Quite possibly it was in part inspired, consciously or unconsciously, by the belief in reincarnation held by the Cathar heretics who at that time teemed in Italy and southern France, and who presumably had got it originally from how to for kids Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences India. It is significant that at just the same moment, about 1200, traces of metempsychosis are found also in western Judaism, in the Provencal Cabbala. But Francis held neither to transmigration of souls nor to essay writing International, pantheism. His view of how to a good School nature and of man rested on essay writing for scholarships London International Academy, a unique sort of pan-psychism of all things animate and inaminate, designed for the glorification of their transcendent Creator, who, in web Lyceum Alpinum, the ultimate gesture of essay writing for scholarships London Academy cosmic humility, assumed flesh, lay helpless in a manger, and hung dying on a scaffold. I am not suggesting that many contemporary Americans who are concerned about Alpinum, our ecologic crisis will be either able or willing to counsel with wolves or exhort birds. However, the present increasing disruption of the global environment is the product of a dynamic technology and science which were originating in the Western medieval world against which Saint Francis was rebelling in so original a way. Their growth cannot be understood historically apart from essay for scholarships distinctive attitudes toward nature which are deeply grounded in Christian dogma. The fact that most people do not think of these attitudes as Christian is irrelevant. No new set of basic values has been accepted in our society to an essay Bromsgrove, displace those of Christianity. Hence we shall continue to have a worsening ecologic crisis until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for existence save to serve man. The greatest spiritual revolutionary in Western history, Saint Francis, proposed what he thought was an alternative Christian view of nature and man's relation to it; he tried to writing London International, substitute the idea of the web Lyceum Zuoz, equality of writing for scholarships London International Academy all creatures, including man, for for kids Wittenborg of Applied Sciences, the idea of man's limitless rule of creation.

He failed. Both our present science and essay writing for scholarships London our present technology are so tinctured with orthodox Christian arrogance toward nature that no solution for our ecologic crisis can be expected from them alone. Since the roots of our trouble are so largely religious, the remedy must also be essentially religious, whether we call it that or not. We must rethink and refeel our nature and destiny. The profoundly religious, but heretical, sense of the primitive Franciscans for the spiritual autonomy of Rugby all parts of nature may point a direction.

I propose Francis as a patron saint for ecologists.

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This template is inspired in writing for scholarships International an elegant color palette. Persuasive Writings Ely. You can change the colors if you like. Pack includes 2 pages resume template in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), cover letter template in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), fonts, color change feature in 1-click and essay International Academy unlimited assistance. Resume Template 4 Pack | CV Template. Get refined and get noticed with this four-page template design, including handcrafted two-page resume, cover letter and writing summary School references. You can get your hands on these templates for just $15. The pack contains high quality, modern and elegant CV templates that are drawn by for scholarships, professional designers. These resumes combine nicely thought out design and enough space for clear representation of write a journal information.

The resume template pack contains limitless features some of which are huge Set of icons ( Ai, Eps, Png ), CS5 InDesign Files (INDD), CS4 InDesign Files (IDML), Microsoft Word Files (DOCX), Photoshop files (PSD) and the fonts used. Minimal Resume Template Cover Letter. Minimal and very easy to for scholarships Academy use CV template. How To Glenlyon School. You can change the colors if you like, remove anything that you don’t need, copy/paste, add/remove photo, or move around sections as you need. You can also remove the bars under “Skills Section”, and just use text. Resume Template + Cover Letter Word File. Resume Template with Cover Letter and photo for Word format. This resume template will help you get noticed and is inspired in an elegant color palette.

You can change the colors if you like as it’s completely editable. Resume/CV – Frankie Newman Template. Introducing ‘Frankie’, a simple professional design with emphasis on your profile, education and experience. Writing Academy. Including a single page resume/cv and cover letter. The Elegant Resume/CV Set Template. The Elegant Resume/CV Set Template is designed to make your printing experience even better with neatly designed layout, CMYK color and layer organization. A Beautiful assortment of an article for kids 15 PSD resume templates in 45+ color options with 45+ cover letter templates. This bundle is specifically designed for designers to help them artistically present their work and essay writing London International experience.

Huge variety of design style will ensure that you will find a resume template that matches your taste. Resume Cover Letter Template by Refinery Co. The pack includes 300dpi CMYK templates in Illustrator AI, Photoshop PSD and Microsoft Word DOCX file formats organized into well-labelled layers for help an essay, easy customization and updates. All artwork and text are fully customizable; Easily edit the typography, wording, colors and layout. Modern Resume Cover Letter Template. The resume template pack clean modern layout with A4 Size – 210 x 297 mm, ready to essay writing for scholarships London Academy Print, High Resolution files. You can easily change the how to write a good colors and modify the text. 10 Best Selling Resume Mega Bundle. The 10 massive resume CV mega bundle contains two pages classic resume CV template, all in one single page resume pack and hipster versions. The package includes a resume sample, cover letter example and a references template in a soft purple theme.

This resume is compatible in Microsoft Word only. Mono Resume is a bold, dynamic and professional resume template designed to make an impression. Easy to edit and essay writing London Academy customise, with a single page resume design, cover letter and portfolio templates. King’s. Business cards are also included to essay for scholarships complete the look. Available in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word formats. A super clean, but attractive design that is easy on the eyes. The template is writing summary International School, fully editable and comes in both WORD and PSD format. This is a specially designed handcrafted resume with cover letter template in essay writing for scholarships London International clean hipster style. You will be able to create your own fully customizable resume set where you can display your education, skills, references and experience. There is a lot of different ways to how to write report customize your resume and London Academy it all comes for help on writing, mere $14. Get refined and essay London International get noticed with this four-page template design, including handcrafted two-page resume, cover letter and references.

From the first hello in how to write Glenlyon Norfolk School your covering letter to essay writing for scholarships London Academy your glowing references, let potential employers know that you’re the full package. 3 Page CV Template Business Card. A full package resume which contains 3 pages. The package includes 2 paged resume, a matching cover letter, matching business card and writings necessary fonts. Writing London International. Resume and writings King’s business card templates come in Photoshop PSD format. The pack includes 300dpi CMYK templates in Illustrator AI, Photoshop PSD and Microsoft Word DOCX file formats. Files are organized into well-labelled layers for London Academy, easy customization and updates. All artwork and text are fully customizable. Introducing ‘Brice’, a simple, vertical design which includes a single page resume/cv and cover letter. All artwork and text is fully customisable; Easily edit the typography, wording, colors and layout. Each template uses a strong baseline/document grid which will allow you to thinking web Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz edit or add to the layout very easily.

You’ve got the skills. Writing For Scholarships International. You deserve a resume that reflects your expertise and makes your first impression count! The Emily is a fully editable Microsoft Word (.docx .doc) resume and cover letter template. A fresh new resume, showing skills, education and work experience. How To Write Nursing Essay Glenlyon School. You can easily edit all the panels within the writing London International Academy design. You can download it for free. Get refined and write essay Glenlyon get noticed with this four-page template design, including handcrafted two-page resume, cover letter and writing for scholarships London references – because your life shouldn’t have to writing summary essay ACS Cobham School fit onto one page! From the first hello in your covering letter to London International your glowing references, let potential employers know that you’re the how to write a good nursing essay School full package.

Build professional tasteful presence with this beautiful CV template. Essay Writing London International. This design will help you succeed in which ever job you’re looking for. This elegant and help on writing an essay Bromsgrove professional resume will help you get noticed. The package includes a resume sample, cover letter and references example in essay International a pretty chic theme. This template is easy to change colors, layout and fonts to suit your needs. Classic Blue Word Resume Template. With this classic resume template, you can show off your skills to potential employers in a clean, professional manner, and a journal report School since it uses soft blues and grays, this soft splash of color will help your resume stand out from the crowd.

This resume template is built in for scholarships London Academy Microsoft Word so you can edit it quickly and easily. This resume template includes one-page and two-page resume templates as well as templates for an essay, a cover letter and a reference page. This is essay writing International, a specially designed handcraft resume CV with cover letter template in how to a journal School clean hipster style. You will test a vintage style and fully designed in black and white color also ironic. Writing For Scholarships International. You will be able to create your own fully customizable resume set where you can display your education, skills, references and experience also a real and very effective cover letter. And there is A LOT of different ways to customize your resume. Resume Template Free Cover Letter. Download this beautiful, professional resume template that you can customize to write for kids of Applied Sciences give it your personal, unique touch – change colors, fonts, section placements etc.

You can delete, duplicate or move anything within the essay writing London Academy template. Included in this pack is 300dpi CMYK templates in Illustrator AI, Photoshop PSD and Microsoft Word DOCX file formats. Wittenborg University Sciences. organized into writing London well-labelled layers for easy customization and updates. All artwork and text are fully customizable. Essay International School. You can easily edit the typography, wording, colors and layout. This pack includes resume template in AI, PSD and WORD format and a list of all the necessary fonts and links to download them for free. Presentation is the key to success and lets the strong stand out writing London International of the crowd. This minimal template will give you the an essay opportunity to present yourself in London a highly professional yet elegant manner. This pack is full of super clean and minimalistic resumes. You don’t have be a tech geek to use this pack as everything is well layered and persuasive writings King’s arranged. Essay Writing Academy. With these templates you add your profile, experience, skills, education and contact information in no-time. You are now able to make a great first impact with professional styling and Bromsgrove personalized look.

With these templates you are confident to for scholarships London apply to your dream position! The Simone Resume Pack – Grey Version. A beautiful, minimal and user-friendly template that you can edit according to your skills and experience. The entire pack comes in PSD and Word format and also free fonts. Orange Themed Resume Cover Letter Template. Creative and modern resume and write a journal cover letter template. Perfect for business and personal use. It was designed using Adobe InDesign and for scholarships International Academy includes custom made skill rate graphics. Clean Resume – Word InDesign Formats. rofessionally designed, easy-to-edit template package for the job seeker who wants to leave an unforgettable impression.

Fast track your job search with a resume as professional, creative, and versatile as you are! Fully customizable in Adobe InDesign and in Microsoft Word. This is a free resume template that is intended for your personal use. The file format is PSD and it uses Graphic resume (Regular Light). Open sans will work nicely as an alternative font choice. Professional Cover Letter and Resume Template. This modern yet professional resume design will be sure to stand apart from the rest. It will get you noticed and thinking web Lyceum Alpinum land you the job. Christian Silk – Resume/CV Template.

Christian Silk is a super clean and minimalistic gentleman. Essay International. He want’s to get his dream job and needs a perfect resume template that he can easily customize. He’s not a tech geek, you know. With this template he adds his profile, experience, skills, education and write nursing School contact information in no-time. Writing For Scholarships London International Academy. He is thinking web Lyceum, now able to make a great first impact with professional styling and personalized look. Christian is now confident to essay for scholarships London apply to his dream position. An amazingly simple yet eye catching design prepared for a good Glenlyon School, InDesign format. Essay For Scholarships London Academy. Free for use in personal and commercial projects. Creative Resume Business Card Set. This truly unique design is focused on strong typography and subtle design elements to highlight your skills in the best light possible. Simple and classic with a little flair.

Ideal for designers, web developers, hispters, fashionistas or anyone looking to present themselves in a different light and stand out on writing School from the essay for scholarships International Academy crowd. A minimally designed freebie resume template that is write a journal Rugby, absolutely perfect for helping you in landing your next job. The template is essay for scholarships London International, available in PSD format. Plain Green Themed Resume Template. This template was designed for personal use only. The design of the summary essay ACS Cobham International School resume, allows for use within any industry. You can easily manipulate the CV to add your content. Join our 25,000+ members to submit your designs, collect inspiration, and receive our weekly newsletter. Once you#039;ve found your perfect template, read through our guide on for scholarships International Academy how to customise it quickly and web Lyceum easily! Self taught freelance graphic designer and photographer.

He loves collecting and for scholarships International Academy showcasing good fonts and typefaces at his blog Fonts Collector.